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The UK’s Greatest Art Forgers Reveal Their Secrets

VICE’s Sydney Lima meets two notorious art forgers who created 1000s of fake paintings during their careers. She takes a fake to a forensic lab. Will it fool the expert?
Black Subcultures

The Double Standards of Cosplay | Been Here

Exploration of underground communities within the black community that often fly under the radar.
The Story of

The Story of "Thong Song" by Sisqó

VICE met the creators of Thong Song to hear how G-strings and violin stings united to create this iconic song that brought thongs to the masses.
VICE Life Hacks with Oobah Butler

I Broke The Strangest Superstitions To See If It Ruined My Life

I decided to break as many of the weirdest superstitions I could in a day to see if it ruined my life.
VWN Super-Users

I’m the Victim of a Far-Right Conspiracy Theory | Super Users

From being labelled the Head of Antifa to the QAnon Shaman, Spencer Sunshine has been the victim of countless baseless conspiracy theories for reporting on extremism.
2030 Residency Videos / web

2030 Gen Z Gameshow

Driving the future of Gen Z storytelling.
The Truth Hurts

How Conspiracy Theories Deny Science | Truth Hurts

Conspiracy theorists have been misinterpreting scientific discovery for decades to fuel their nonsense. We looked at the battle between science denial and conspiracy.
Side Hustles

Reborns: Making Babies for Money

Kim Williams is a Reborn artist, creating thousands of realistic baby dolls for her clientele.
The War On Drugs

What Would Happen if Heroin and MDMA Were Legalized? | The War on Drugs

The War on Drugs has failed, but legalisation is going to be a complex process. We explore what legal heroin, cocaine and ecstasy might actually look like.
VICE Specials

The London Bridge Skateboard Hero

When three terrorists attacked people in London in 2017, a skateboarder decided to stand in their way and protect the public. His name was Ignacio Echeverría.

1 Sperm Donor, 17+ Kids, and a $5M Lawsuit

Thirty years ago Bryce Cleary donated sperm to OHSU's fertility clinic with the understanding he would father 5 donor children and they would all be born on the opposite coast.
The Truth Hurts

How Conspiracy Theories Become Violent | Truth Hurts

What’s the difference between someone who’s into conspiracy theories and someone who’s so influenced by them they become a mass shooter? We look at the tipping point.