Bernie Blackout Trailer

How did the news media affect Bernie Sanders' 2020 presidential campaign?
People Vs.

The People Vs. Pussy Riot

What does Pussy Riot's Nadya think about Trump, feminism, Russian propaganda and what makes people masturbate to their music videos?
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Alabama Women on the Senate Election

Alabama women weigh in on their choice for Senator.
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Roy Moore or Doug Jones? Alabama women explain their vote for senator

Alabama women weigh in on their choice for Senator.
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Democrat Danica Roem makes history

VICE News profiles the trans woman who won her election in Virginia.
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“Recovered” gay man is leading the Catholic church's alt-right movement

Catholicism’s Breitbart: The site 'Church Militant,' and founder Michael Voris are targeting liberal priests
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Could Supreme Hype Beasts win the election for the Tories?

Every Thursday Skate Brand Supreme drops a new batch of exclusive garms. We caught up with the kids outside to see if they give a shit about the election.
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VICE's 2017 UK Election Road Trip: Things Nobody Is Talking About

In the run up to the 2017 snap election, VICE asks why so many enormous issues have not been up for discussion and largely ignored.
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Are There Any Political Party Leaders You’d Actually Want To Go For a Pint With?

VICE asks the important question: are there any political party leaders you’d actually want to go for a pint with?
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when jme met jeremy (teaser)

Part of a full-length film that touches on grime, engagement and the need to make your voice heard, i-D has paired grime star JME with Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn
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France's Anarchists Clash With the Police on May Day

VICE travelled to Paris to witness firsthand the anger and frustration that made this year’s May Day protest one of the most violent in years.
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Is Theresa May right to call a snap election?

VICE took to the streets to ask people what they think about the Prime Minister’s decision to call a snap election.