Photographing Wars in the Middle East

Former soldier turned photographer, Alison Baskerville, talks about gender, conflict and the impact war can have on the men and women serving on the battlefield.
The Believers

Guns for God: The Church of the AR-15

Host Charlet Duboc goes to Pennsylvania to meet the believers of the World Peace and Unification Sanctuary- a small fringe group of Christianity that has been accused of being a cult, and who recently took up arms for God.
VICE Canada Reports

Fear and Loading: Meet the NRA's Most Wanted Customer

VICE reporter Manisha Krishnan travels to Texas to meet women on both sides of the gun debate to find out what makes firearms a women’s issue in America.
VICE Reports

Anti-Jihadist Training Camp

Two years into its state of emergency, France’s risk of further terror attacks is only growing. Now a French entrepreneur is offering his compatriots “anti-jihadist training” in Poland. But is this self-defence training or right-wing radicalisation?

A Smarter Gun

A Smarter Gun is the never-before-seen look at who killed the smart gun and whether or not there is a place for user-authenticated firearm tech to scale in the future. It’s a story about human nature, public safety, the inertia of time-tested mechani
VICE Canada Reports

How to Buy a Gun in Canada: Armed and Reasonable

With growing gun ownership in Canada but low rates of gun violence and death, could Canadian-style gun control laws serve as a good middle-of-the-road model for the USA?
VICE News Specials

Obama's Responses to 16 Mass Shootings in Eight Years

Following the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub, President Obama once again called for action. Here are all the other times he had to do that.
Weird Guys

Guns and Corned Beef with Private Eye Derrick Snowdy

Derrick Snowdy is a high-profile private investigator whose name keeps coming up in various court cases.
California Soul


In Kalifornien ist es für Hobbybastler völlig legal, bei sich zu Hause ohne Überprüfung oder Registrierung eine Schusswaffe zu bauen – das nutzt Dimitri Karras aus.