VWN Investigators

Exposing the Truth Behind This Brutal Murder Video

This episode traces the tireless investigation by Ian Urbina from The Outlaw Ocean Project and John Hocevar from Greenpeace USA and reveals the shocking truth behind this murder at sea.
VWN Investigators

Inside Fiji’s Violent Doomsday Cult

Grace Road Church believes a nuclear-tinged Judgement Day is approaching — and that Fiji is the post-apocalyptic promised land.
VWN Investigators

How We Broke Netflix's Cheer Sexual Abuse Scandal

After receiving a tip off about sexual misconduct in cheerleading, Marisa Kwiatkowski and Tricia Nadolny from USA Today investigated the system of loopholes that allowed convicted sex offenders to be involved in cheerleading.
VWN Investigators

Did North Korea Smuggle $100 Million of Heroin Overseas?

The story of how an alleged North Korean ship attempted to smuggle $100 million of heroin onto the shores of Australia.
VWN Investigators

The Bribery and Sex Party Scandal in the US Navy

This is the inside story of the Fat Leonard corruption scandal – a shocking tale of bribery, sex workers and million-dollar-deals at the core of the US Navy.
VWN Investigators

Hunting Down Incel Extremists

In order to understand the most radical extremism in the world, Julia Ebner goes undercover online to some of the darkest corners of the internet - including ‘incel’ forums.
VWN Investigators

Who is the Secret Owner of Pornhub?

Journalists Alexi Mostrous and Xavier Greenwood from Tortoise Media hunt down the secretive majority owner of one of the biggest porn sites in the world, Pornhub.