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This Tory stronghold voted Labour for the first time in 100 years

VICE News looks at how the conservative constituency of Canterbury went to the Labour Party in 2017.
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Fire Engulfs Grenfell Tower in London

Flames tore through a 24-floor tower block in West London in the early hours of Wednesday morning.
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Chat Shit Get Elected: About Last Night...

VICE’s political correspondent Rants N Bants is back to vent his spleen on what went down when the UK election results were announced.
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Chat Shit Get Elected: What’s Actually In These Manifestos?

Rants N Bants is on the road at his estate to swing into party manifestos and breakdown policies that have "given more empty promises than Max Branning".
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Are There Any Political Party Leaders You’d Actually Want To Go For a Pint With?

VICE asks the important question: are there any political party leaders you’d actually want to go for a pint with?
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when jme met jeremy

With one week left to register to vote in the General Election, i-D has paired grime star JME with Jeremy Corbyn to discuss the importance of a high youth turnout.
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Chat Shit Get Elected: What Are You Really Voting For in the UK Election?

Rants N Bants vents his spleen on the snap election. Rants breaks down the policies of "knackered" Theresa May and "divorced geography teacher" Jeremy Corbyn.
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when jme met jeremy (teaser)

Part of a full-length film that touches on grime, engagement and the need to make your voice heard, i-D has paired grime star JME with Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn
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Exclusive Footage Reveals Jeremy Corbyn’s Insiders Struggled to get Labour Leader toFfight Brexit

Corbyn insiders struggled to get the UK Labour Party leader to fight Brexit, video reveals.