Joel Golby


Internet Art History

Protesting the Housing Crisis to Be Hit By A Pigeon Head

Meme historian, Joel Golby focuses his critical eye on two bizarrely dressed men who decide to throw a severed pigeon head at some peaceful protestors.
Internet Art History

This Photo Perfectly Illustrates University in The UK

Meme historian, Joel Golby chin strokes his face off at a photo of a freshers night in Leeds and plays a game of sex or no sex.
Internet Art History

Trump And The Biggest McDelivery Of All Time

Meme historian, Joel Golby heads to the White House for a Filet ‘o’ Fish with the president / reality TV star, Donald Trump.
Internet Art History

The Worst Pick-Up Artist Ever?

Meme historian, Joel Golby puts himself in the shoes of a guy getting binned off while trying to chat up a girl in a loud nightclub.
Internet Art History

Distracted Boyfriend Meme

Meme historian, Joel Golby wraps his nut around the cyber masterpiece that is "the distracted boyfriend meme".
Internet Art History

Shrek Melon Meme

Meme historian, Joel Golby over analyses a photo of an artistic chef who has combined his two loves of melons and Shrek to create an iconic sculpture.
Internet Art History

This Is the Most English Photograph Ever Taken in History

VICE journalist Joel Golby over analyses a viral photo taken of Manchester on New Year's Eve.
VICE Shorties

When Oobah Butler Met Joel Golby

Oobah Butler and Joel Golby write and make films for VICE. They both have books coming out at the same time. They met at Oobah’s Shed to discuss whose book is better.