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Local Legends

The Designer Making Luxury a Ritual in LA

No matter the luxury you’re creating, it always has a choice of remaining integral. In this custom episode of Local Legends in collaboration with Acura, we’ll introduce luxury-wear designer Brenda Equihua and her Mexican heritage that inspired it.
Local Legends

The King of Coney Island, Bing Bong

Nems guides us around his neighborhood and shows us how his personal struggles led him to become the Mayor of Coney Island.
Local Legends

The Man Who Flies with Birds

Christian Moullec (aka the Birdman) is so passionate about birds that he even managed to learn a new migratory path for geese by flying with them in a microlight.
Local Legends

Meet Florida’s Python Cowboy

VICE meets up with wildlife influencer, Trapper Mike to see how he's amassed such a devoted following by going on hunts to rid the Everglades of various invasive species.
Local Legends

The Italian Hobbit Who Climbed Vesuvius to Build His Shire

We met Nicolas Gentile, a real hobbit who climbed Vesuvius to raise money to build his own shire on the hills, in Abruzzo
Local Legends

75 Arrests, 134 Marathons & 1 Stabbing: Kansas City Superman

Local Legends meets a one of a kind jogger in Kansas City named the Kansas City Superman.
Local Legends

The Batman of the Suburbs

After losing his job at a casino, Bob, now known as Bucks County Batman roams Philadelphia as the new local legend in town.
Local Legends

Undressing the True Story of the Naked Cowboy

Profiling the local heroes.
Local Legends

The 60-Ton Junk Cathedral of Texas

Vince Hanneman, AKA The Junk King, has become famous in Austin for the massive, multi-room, 60-ton Cathedral of Junk he has been building on his property since the 80s.
Local Legends

The Furniture Salesman that Saved Houston: Mattress Mack

If you live in Houston, you probably know Jim McIngvale as his alter-ego "Mattress Mack." Mack is fixture of Houston and a true local legend.
Local Legends

Dennis Woodruff

Profiling the local heroes.
Local Legends

Wisconsin Legend "Milverine" Has Never Left Milwaukee

John "The Milverine" Hamann has been walking around the city with his shirt off for decades, but only recently became an unofficial mascot of the city he consistently boasts as the height of civilization.