North Korea


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North Korea Doesn't Want You To See This

Blogger Jacob Bogle often receives the warning, “State sponsored actors are attempting to hack into your account.” It’s because of his work exposing North Korea’s secrets.
Bad Blood

Bad Blood - North Korean Spy

On January 17 1968, 31 N. Korean special forces members crossed into S. Korea to kill the President. Kim Shin Jo is one of the survivors who lived to share their story.
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Did North Korea Smuggle $100 Million of Heroin Overseas?

The story of how an alleged North Korean ship attempted to smuggle $100 million of heroin onto the shores of Australia.
The Business of Crime

How to Clean Dirty Money

From crypto kings in North Korea to major banks, We look at how criminals clean their money and how money laundering is essential to keep the criminal world running.
The Business of Crime

How to Pull Off a Bank Heist

We look into bank heists - how to pull them off, why they often fail and how criminals are using advances in tech to take this old school form of robbery online.
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Escaping North Korea Twice

A North Korean refugee explains how they survived famine, torture and illness to escape their homeland twice.
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North Korea Is Provoking South Korea, But the Real Enemy Is the U.S.

VICE News explores the significance of the symbolic move by North Korea and what it means for the future of diplomacy between the neighboring countries.

What It's Like to Run a Marathon in North Korea

Olympian Aimee Fuller traveled to North Korea to run in the 2019 Pyongyang Marathon. Having participated in the country's only event open to foreigners, she sat down with VICE Sports to share her once-in-a-lifetime experience of the hermit kingdom.
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No one is sure which country is helping North Korea make its missiles

The Yuzhmash factory let VICE News cameras inside for the first time.

Trump: New Year, New Nukes

Trump threatens nuclear war with North Korea using all his 280. Plus a quick explainer on how a nuclear launch would actually work.

Dennis Rodman on North Korea

Dennis Rodman once broke his dick, but he can fix North Korea. Plus a cameo from Knick layup legend Charles Smith.
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North Korea launches its most powerful missile yet

North Korea launched its most powerful rocket ever Wednesday, the Hwasong-15 intercontinental ballistic missile.