Bong Appétit / Extra Scene

The Art of Miniature Food

In this deleted scene, miniature food artist Tom Brown shows the contestants around the tiny kitchen.
Chef's Night Out

Chef's Night Out: Michelin Starred Thai Food and Burger Shacks with Lalito

Kia Damon, executive chef at Lalito and recent Florida transplant, discovers what makes NYC great, including classic food spots and swanky speakeasies, in this episode of Chef’s Night Out.
Bong Appétit / Clip

Hot Box Challenge

In the season premiere of BONG APPETIT: COOKOFF, seasoned top chefs try to impress judges B Real, Vanessa Lavorato, and Miguel Trinidad with a 2 Chainz inspired Hot Box Challenge.
Chef's Night Out

Patty Melts and a West Village Bar Crawl with MeMe's Diner

MeMe's Diner owners Bill Clark and Libby Willis had a night out in Manhattan with their partners, grabbing drinks at New York City’s oldest gay bar, sampling the food at Chinatown hotspot Lalito, and eating an Italian feast at Don Angie’s.

Inside LA’s Craziest Pansexual Nightclub | Scene Reports

A Club Called Rhonda is known as one of Los Angeles’ most iconic pansexual dance parties.
VICE Shorties

London's Rowdy Old Folks Rave

"It's the only party where someone's been rushed to hospital for not taking their drugs." VICE attends London's tea party rave that's combatting loneliness amongst the older generation.

Kimchi Pancake

Julia Turshen is the queen of leftovers, and her kimchi salmon pancake recipe from her new cookbook, Now & Again, is her crown jewel.
VICE Shorties

Tony Pike, icon of hedonism gives us a tour of his legendary Ibiza hotel.

With the recent release of his biography "Mr Pikes: The Story Behind the Ibiza Legend", we had the chance to meet the Balearic icon as he gives us a tour of his hotel off-season.
VICE Life Hacks with Oobah Butler

The Time I Faked My Way to the Top of Paris Fashion Week

Georgio Peviani was getting loads of attention at Paris Fashion week. But the man doesn't actually exist...does he? This is the time Oobah Butler faked his way into Paris Fashion Week.
Party Legends / Clip

That Time Lizzo Gave Someone the Hands at Karaoke

In this scene from PARTY LEGENDS, Lizzo relives a dramatic karaoke bar standoff.
VICE Shorties

In The Queue: VICE UK's 15th Birthday Party

We sent Alhan Gençay down to VICE UK's 15th Birthday Party to find out exactly who on earth would attend such a thing…
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Why politicians rarely face consequences for sexual misconduct

Amid a series of harassment allegations, neither party’s leadership appears to be effective. What’s their long game?
Party Legends / Clip

Partying in L.A. with Theophilus London

Purple "soda" influenced Theophilus London makes some interesting decisions while partying in L.A.
i-D Meets

i-D meets russki atrakcion

Strap yourself in and keep your knees and elbows inside the car, because Russki Attrakcion (literally translated as "Russian Rollercoaster") are about to take you on a wild night out in Moscow!
Party Legends / Clip

That Time Andy Dick Ruined Christmas for Everyone

Andy Dick relives a wild story from Christmas Past.
Bong Appétit / Clip

Happy Hemp-Fed Pigs

We talk to Jake Francis at Valley Piggery in Santa Barbara County about raising healthy, happy pigs and also about the positive effects of CBD on animals.
THUMP Shorts

Dancing vs. The State: How Mayor Giuliani Decimated 90s Clubbing in NYC

Veteran nightlife critic Michael Musto on how New York club culture fought back against mayor Rudy Giuliani.
The THUMP Guide to Clubbing

How To Talk Your Way Into A Club

In this episode of The Thump Guide to Clubbing, guests give examples of the best, and worst, ways to talk your way into a club. Photos taken by Xeno, Mario Manzoni, and Maro Hagopian.
VICE Specials

J'ouvert: Brooklyn's Dirty Masquerade

J’ouvert is a pre-dawn street masquerade that marks the beginning of Caribbean Carnival but, in recent years, has become a subject of controversy.

Party Legends: Trailer

Notable and notorious personalities share their most candid and entertaining party stories. Premiering Tuesday 7th February at 10:00PM on VICELAND.
Bong Appétit

Nonna Marijuana’s Italian Feast

Matt Zimbric heads to a secret Californian medical marijuana garden run by Nonna Marijuana, a 91-year-old grandmother who cooks classic Italian with a twist.
Party Legends

What Are You Into?

Alia Shawkat, Jon Daly, Kid Ink and Chris Pontius have their wildest party stories animated.
Party Legends / Clip

Dennis Rodman on Three Ways to Break Your Dick

The basketball legend tells us how he's broken his dick--three times.
Party Legends / Clip

Marisa Paternoster on How to Vomit at a Party

The musician explains how to vomit without making a mess.