Question Of The Day


Question Of The Day

Can England Really Win the World Cup?

It's the World Cup and the British public have gone football crazy. VICE steps out on the street before an England match to find out if people think England can really win the world cup. Is football coming home?
Question Of The Day

What Would You Do in a Nuclear Apocalypse?

Politically, it feels like the world is exploding... Global warming is impeding and nuclear war has never felt so close, what would you do in the last 48 hours before the end comes?
Question Of The Day

Who's the biggest prick in Game of Thrones?

As the season finale creeps up on us like the Night King's army of the dead, VICE decided to hit London's GoT fans with the ultimate question. Who is the biggest prick in Game of Thrones?
Question Of The Day

Are We Post Gender?

As a response to our Raised Without Gender documentary, we took to the streets to ask if the people of the UK feel we are moving towards a post-gender society.
Question Of The Day

What The Fuck is Love Island?

VICE host Alhan Gençay has never seen Love Island, so he asked the punters at Wireless Festival to explain what he's been missing.
Question Of The Day

Should Katie Hopkins Have Been Fired?

VICE took to the streets of London to ask the public if they think radio station LBC should have 'parted company' with right-wing gob-shite Katie Hopkins.
Question Of The Day

Is Bear Payne a good name for a baby?

Is Bear Payne a good name for a baby? Cheryl and Liam Payne think so. We ask people if they agree, or if they can't Bear it.
Question Of The Day

Is Theresa May right to call a snap election?

VICE took to the streets to ask people what they think about the Prime Minister’s decision to call a snap election.
Question Of The Day

Should George Osborne Be the Editor of the Evening Standard?

George Osborne, a standing Conservative MP and ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer has just been named the editor of The Evening Standard. We went out to ask people whether they think this is a good idea.
Question Of The Day

What Should Beyoncé Name Her Twins?

Beyoncé continued her total internet domination with an Instagram post announcing her second pregnancy. What should the twins be called? And does anyone IRL care?