Future Tense

End of Death

The concept of living forever has lived in pop culture across generations and cultures, but have scientists in Japan finally cracked the code? In this episode of Future Tense, we discover more about the tech that could digitalise life as we know it.
Dear Future

The Two-Legged Robots Walking Into the Future

Motherboard met with Agility Robotics, a small startup in Oregon that is one of many trying to crack the code of creating the perfect bipedal robot.
VICE News Tonight on HBO

This bricklaying robot can build walls faster than humans

Are robots going to steal our jobs? Meet SAM, a brick-laying bot that's boosting productivity and reducing costs, and judge for yourself.
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South Korea Has the Most Robot Workers per Human Employee in the World

South Korea has the world's highest robot density
Lab Spaces

Cyborg Beetles in Singapore

In the future, we may have remote controlled insects to reach places humans cannot. At least that's what Dr. Hirotaka Sato, an aerospace engineer from Singapore is hoping.
Lab Spaces

Engineering the Ultimate Robotic Fish

Motherboard goes to NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering to check out the lab of the scientist building the ultimate robotic fish.

The Dawn of Killer Robots

In INHUMAN KIND, Motherboard gains exclusive access to a small fleet of US Army bomb disposal robots.

Ex Machina | Examining Our Fear of Artificial Intelligence

Alex Garland explores the complex implications of our relationship with technology in a mind-bending sci-fi art film.