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We spoke to Rohingyas taking up arms against Myanmar’s government

VICE News sits down with members of Arsa militant group who reveal their intentions in refugee camps in Bangladesh.
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"The World’s Most Persecuted People" Rohingya in the UK

The Rohingya have faced decades of persecution by the Myanmar authorities and have been described as one of the most persecuted minorities in the world. VICE travelled to Bradford, to see a small Rohingya community and hear from Deen Muhammed Noori.
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Left For Dead: Myanmar’s Muslim Minority (Full Length)

VICE News traveled to Myanmar to investigate the violence and discrimination faced by the country's Muslim minority.
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Laissés pour morts : L’ONU a-t-elle abandonné les Rohingyas ? (Part 3)

Dans cette dernière partie de notre reportage, nous enquêtons sur la manière dont l'ONU traite la question des Rohingya.
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Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia: Left For Dead (Part 2)

VICE News investigates mass graves in Thailand, linked to human trafficking in Myanmar.
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Apartheid In Asia: Left For Dead (Part 1)

VICE News investigates the brutal treatment of the Rohingya in Myanmar.
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Left For Dead: Myanmar’s Muslim Minority (Trailer)

Coming Soon: VICE News investigates the plight of the Rohingya in Myanmar.
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The Struggle of the Rohingya: Escape From Myanmar

VICE News travels to Myanmar to speak with the Rohingya people living in government-controlled camps.