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Trapped on a Boat between a Pandemic and Hurricane Season

Colin finds himself marooned off the coast of Panama unable to go onto land because of Covid 19 and unable to cross the Pacific because of hurricane season.
Enciclopedia de la comida latinoamericana

The Ecuadorian Fish Soup That Cures Hangovers

This second episode of The Encyclopedia of Latin American Food highlights how this fish soup, which is typically found in restaurants and on the streets of Ecuador, is capable of curing even the most brutal of hangovers.
Posh Pete

How I Became An International Cocaine Trafficker

"On a couple of occasions people have tried to kill me". How does someone from Gloucestershire end up as an international drug kingpin? This is the story of 'Posh Pete'.

El Naya: Colombia's Hidden Cocaine-Smuggling Route

On this episode of VICE INTL, VICE Colombia takes a trip along El Naya, a hidden Colombian smuggling route that locals have used to traffic cocaine for decades.
Posh Pete

Words of Wisdom

Getting into the cocaine business is a good way to get dead. Pieter looks back on his life decisions and the ethics behind cocaine.
Posh Pete

Captured in Ecuador

Pieter Tritton became an unlikely international drug kingpin until his arrest in Ecuador in 2005. In this episode, Pieter describes being on the run from the police and decided to escape Britain via the boot of the Turkish mafia.
Posh Pete

Life After Prison

After 9 years in prison in South American Posh Pete made it back to England where he served the last of his sentence. The outside world was almost too much for Pieter when he was released.
Posh Pete

Near Death Experiences

Pieter Tritton became an unlikely international drug kingpin until his arrest in Ecuador in 2005. Death was around every corner in the Prisons of South America. Posh Pete survives gun fights and TB during his time inside.
VICE News Specials

Mexican Oil and Drug Cartels: Cocaine and Crude

VICE founder Suroosh Alvi travels to Mexico to see the effects of cartel oil theft firsthand.
VICE News Specials

Chile’s Migration Boom Has Led to a Major Housing Crisis

The country's foreign-born population has doubled in the last five years.
VICE News Specials

The Silent Rise of HIV in Chile

VICE News partnered with the University of British Colulmbia to investigate Chile's rising HIV problem.
VICE News Specials / Extra Scene

Better Than Viagra: Colombia's Impotence Home Remedy

VICE News learns a home recipe for treating impotence in Colombia.