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How Influencers Cover Up Crimes Against Humanity

Influencers are the new face of Chinese propaganda. Hidden amongst the vlogs about puppies and makeup, they clandestinely allow Beijing to whitewash its crimes.
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North Korea Doesn't Want You To See This

Blogger Jacob Bogle often receives the warning, “State sponsored actors are attempting to hack into your account.” It’s because of his work exposing North Korea’s secrets.
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Why You Should Be Worried About China’s Nukes

China is stockpiling nuclear weapons – secretly adding nuclear silos to what’s already the world’s biggest land-based missile force.
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In Iran, journalists have a target on their backs. So, how do you expose a government which arrests, tortures and even kills its reporters? Maziar Bahari has found a way.
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Beating Scammers at Their Own Game

Jim Browning beats call center scammers at their own game. By hacking their computers to watch their every move he can save their unsuspecting victims just in time.
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The Forensic Artist Solving Cold Cases

Paloma Galzi creates age progressions of long-term missing children. As a forensic artist, her work has successfully brought numerous missing kids home safely.
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Inside Russia’s Military Collapse

Russian soldiers are banned from using smartphones, but a lack of discipline means they use them anyway. Their posts online reveal fast-sinking morale and grim conditions
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The YouTuber Recovering Missing Bodies

Diver Jared Leisek finds the bodies of people who have been missing underwater for decades. His YouTube channel documents his searches while also telling their stories.
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I Accidentally Discovered My Long Lost Twin on TikTok

“When I saw her online, I was so shocked that I started crying. I couldn't even say a word. Never in my life did I think I would have a twin.”
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I Exposed a Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Scam

Professional 'scambaiter', Kit Boga, has been taking on the people behind fake Covid-19 vaccines. We met him as he trolls and exposes the scammers.