Local Legends

All Trump Tattoos are Free at this NH Shop

Meet the New England tattoo artist who skyrocketed to fame after offering free Trump tattoos to anyone who asked.
Under The Ink

How the Salem Witch Trials Inspired These Twin Tattooists

The talented Matt and Ryan Murray are identical twin tattooists whose dark and gritty styles have drawn Instagram fame.
Tattoo Age UK / web

New York Style Tattoos with Bert Krak

Tattoo Age is the story of modern tattooing told through the lives of 10 different tattoo artists.
Tattoo Age UK / web

Bert Krak's New York Style Tattoo Collections

Bert Krak is leading the renaissance of New York style traditional tattooing. Tattoo Age airs every Wednesday at 9:00PM.

Bold Tattooing with Dan Santoro

Dan Santoro is known for bold, powerful traditional tattoos.
Beyond Beauty

beyond beauty - jazzelle zanaughtti discovering new york's beauty pioneers

Join us for the return of Beyond Beauty, brought to you by Instagram sensation @uglyworldwide, AKA 22-year-old Jazzelle Zanaughtti. Follow her journey through New York City as she meets the contemporary beauty pioneers using their bodies as a canvas.
10 Questions You Always Wanted To Ask...

10 Questions You Always Wanted To Ask: Someone with Face Tattoos

Why the hell would anyone get a tattoo on their face? We speak to Roblake, who is a tattoo artist to explore the trend of inking your face.
VICE Lab UK / S1 EP7

Animating Grace Neutral: Behind The Scenes with The Line Animation

Wesley Louis from The Line attempts to turn Grace Neutral into an anime character, focusing on her unique ears, eyes and tattoos.
VICE Lab UK / S1 EP7

Grace Neutral Transforms into an Anime Character (Step-by-Step)

The stages of anime were unravelled for our latest series of idents featuring Grace Neutral and directed by Wesley Louis at The Line Animation.
Needles & Pins / Clip

What Society Throws Away, Black Power Picks Up

Grace talks to the Black Power gang in Whakatane, New Zealand and explores the reality of tattoos being a walking diary of your life.
Needles & Pins / Clip

The Resurgence of Maori Ta Moko

Grace travels to New Zealand and meets the people behind the Maori Ta Moko tattoo resurgence.
Needles & Pins / Clip

Mister Cartoon and the Art of Freehand Tattoos

We join Grace on her journey around LA with a legendary tattoo artist called Cartoon with a unique style of freehand tattooing.