Inside Russia's Crackdown on Protesters

Sergey Ponomarev is a Russian photographer whose work has taken him to places few Western reporters have been allowed to see.
Decade of Hate

Putin’s Secret Neo-Nazi Armies

Whilst Putin claims he is “denazifying Ukraine”, he is the one who has long-cultivated ties with neo-Nazis and ultra-nationalists to further his own authoritarian agenda.
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Ukrainians Are Bombing Russians with Custom Drones

A group of drone operators is leading the charge in Ukraine’s David-and-Goliath defense against Putin. VICE speaks to the unit who halted a Russian convoy headed for Kyiv.
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How Putin's Oligarchs Hide Their Billions

How did oligarch Dmitry Firtash, aka Putin’s ‘Man in Ukraine’, end up buying a tube station in the heart of London? Journalist Oliver Bullough investigates.
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The Ethical Hackers at War With Putin

Hacktivist group Cyber Partisans normally targets Belarus’ repressive government, led by Europe’s last dictator. But now the resistance group has its sights set on Putin.
Decade of Hate

How Ukraine became a cultural hub for the extreme right

The war in Ukraine was a magnet for far-right radicals from around the world. Fighting on both sides, they gained combat experience and deep links with other extremists
Behind the Zero Line - UK TV Special / S1 EP2

Behind The Zero Line

A look inside the lives of the people trapped in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, following the soldiers fighting on the front lines and the residents forced to hide away every night from shelling.
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No one is sure which country is helping North Korea make its missiles

The Yuzhmash factory let VICE News cameras inside for the first time.
Hate Thy Neighbour / Clip

White Nationalism vs. the Wu-Tang

Jamali speaks to white nationalist evangelists in Ukraine, and introduces their students to the Wu-Tang clan.
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Holiday in Chernobyl: Tourism in the Exclusion Zone

30 years after the Chernobyl disaster, VICE News finds tourism is booming in the exclusion zone.
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Inside Ukraine's Unending War

VICE News travelled to Avdiivka where Ukrainian military and civilians have both lost faith in the so-called ceasefire and remain trapped in a brutal war.
Fashion Week Internationale

La Fashion Week ukrainienne

Suite aux manifestations de la place Maïdan, VICE s'est rendu à Kiev afin de découvrir ce que la Fashion Week de la capitale ukrainienne avait à offrir.