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GOP Activists Just Formed a Dark Money Group to Go to War With Big Tech

Now, amid the calls for new regulations on privacy, antitrust issues, and alleged political bias, two experienced conservative operatives have formed an advocacy group to challenge Big Tech.
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The Secret To The Gruesome Sounds In Mortal Kombat Is Exploding Vegetables

We smashed bell peppers with Mortal Kombat’s sound designers to simulate gore
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What the Bahamas Look Like Now

At least five people were killed when Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas on Monday.
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Black Panther’s Wakanda Is Real — And It’s In Chicago

VICE News went to Chicago to see what it looks like to recreate Wakanda.
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El Paso Congresswoman Escobar Learned the Massacre Was Underway With VICE News

VICE News was with Escobar as she learned about the shooting, and trailed her as she figured out what to do next.
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This Is the Guy Democrats Need to Impress at the Iowa State Fair

VICE News travels to Des Moines to meet a state politician and learn the history of the Iowa State Fair
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The War Over "Natural" Boner Pills

A legal war is raging over "natural" boner pills
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We were there as a major refugee operation closed its last office in Florida

Many refugee advocates fear it will take years to come back from Trump’s effect on refugee admissions
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Sen. Grassley Doesn't Know What to Do with the Assault Weapons Ban

The chances of bipartisan support with gun control look slim
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Why El Paso Didn't Welcome President Trump's Thoughts And Prayers

A Lot Of People Want Trump To "Do Something" After The Shootings This Weekend. People In El Paso Would Like Him To Stop Doing Things
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This Dating Service Will Flirt For You, But It Will Cost You

For a hefty price, they’ll build your profile, and even flirt on your behalf. VICE News tested out the service.
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Trump Doesn't Understand How A$AP Rocky's Swedish Assault Trial Works

Trump offered to pay A$AP's bail (which he can’t do, because Sweden doesn’t have a bail system).