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Ukrainian Protesters Attacked Buses Carrying Wuhan Coronavirus Evacuees

Ukrainian protestors attacked buses carrying 72 coronavirus evacuees in central Ukraine.
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3D Printing Is Changing the World | VICE on HBO

Inside the cutting-edge labs developing "the next Industrial Revolution" : 3D Printing
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Watch Bloomberg Get Torn Apart by Democrats

“You could see tonight why he'd been avoiding the debate stage. It was deer in headlights all night.”
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How Down Syndrome Became A New Front In The Abortion Wars

The Anti-Abortion Movement Wants To Talk About Down Syndrome
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Coronavirus Has Killed More People Than the 2003 SARS Outbreak

The number of deaths globally from the new coronavirus outbreak topped 900 on Sunday.
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The Kids Being Trained And Armed To Fight Mexican Cartels

“We are preparing the children because if they lose their parents, who is going to defend them?”
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Astronaut Christina Koch Is Back After Record-Breaking Space Voyage

Astronaut Christina Koch is back on earth after a record-breaking voyage in space.
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Watch This Time-Lapse of China Building a Coronavirus Hospital in Two Weeks

Almost 10,000 people are now infected in China, and some citizens are accusing the government of covering up the threat of the virus.
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Iowans Describe 2020 Candidates in One Word

We Played a Game of Candidate Word Association with Iowans
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Here's What Iowans Really Think About 2020

VICE News's Roberto Ferdman goes to Des Moines to talk to minorities about the issues they care about and the presidential candidates they'll support, ahead of the Iowa Caucus in February.
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Mitt Romney Tears Into Trump While Announcing He Will Vote to Convict

The senator from Utah just trashed the president on the Senate floor.
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Hong Kong is Desperate for Face Masks as Coronavirus Spreads

Experts warn that infection levels will continue to rise rapidly for weeks, if not months.