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The Person Behind the Viral Tom Cruise Deepfake

We spoke to VFX artist Chris Ume about the time his scarily convincing deepfake of Tom Cruise went viral on TikTok culminating in around 100 million views.
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On the Frontline of COVID-19: Diary of a UK Doctor, Part 2

Ed Hope is a Junior Doctor working at an emergency ward at a UK hospital. This is his second video diary from the frontline of the Coronavirus pandemic.
VICE Shorties

On the Frontline of COVID-19: Diary of a Doctor

Ed Hope is a Junior Doctor working at an emergency ward at a UK hospital and he's been filming his life since the Coronavirus Pandemic hit the city.

Ha11BX1371ween Special (Watch Full Screen)

A creepy video is mysteriously posted online & goes viral. The clues internet sleuths uncover are bone-chilling, including audio spectrograms of the video spelling out “You Are Already Dead” & depicting graphic scenes of torture…
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Florida Man Goes Viral for Headbanging in Category 5 Hurricane

Florida man Lane Pittman is a Jacksonville legend. First he got arrested for playing the National Anthem on July 4th, then he became a viral sensation for headbanging in Florida’s worst hurricanes. Watch how Lane became the ultimate Florida Man.
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“Take a Knee ... My Ass” brought this country singer back into the spotlight

Neal McCoy's new song, "Take a Knee...My Ass," is a direct response to athletes taking a knee at games.
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Afropunk Style, Hyperflesh Masks, and a Deep Web Dive

We spend a day at the Afropunk festival in Brooklyn, take a look at viral sensation Landon Meier's masks and get to the bottom of the internet with artist Trevor Paglen.

Megwin vs. VICE

Συναντήσαμε τον Ιάπωνα Megwin και μας κέρασε ένα αλλιώτικο ασιατικό πιάτο με σαλαμάνδρες, ρέγγα και τσίλι.