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Does Weed Affect Your Sexuality?

Some people think that cannabis has an effect on people’s sexuality. We test this theory using a spliff, a penis ring and some porn.
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Stoned Speed Dating

We test the effects of smoking weed during a speed dating event to see if cannabis makes people up their game, or turn them into a jibbering, stinky mess.
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Trying To Run A Professional Interview Whilst High

We test the effects of weed on the brain, and to explore how well you can retain information while high by sending a volunteer to interview a musician in Amsterdam.
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Can I Smoke Weed in India?

Can you smoke weed in the ocean? Krishna of WEEDIQUETTE is here to help you find out.
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Possessed by Marijuana: The Camille Browne Case

Camille Browne entered a psychotic state when she was 19, killing Reverend Browning. Could this be because of weed?
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Denver’s Housing Crisis & the Cannabis Industry

Due to new city incomers, a construction boom in Denver has erupted, displacing thousands of lower and middle class residents.
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High Robbery: Canada’s Violent Cannabis Dispensary Raids

VICE gives viewers a glimpse into the issue of violent dispensary robberies that are creating a rift between shop owners and police.

Cory Booker Got the Loud?

Cory Booker looking to legalize the devil's lettuce on a Federal level.
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Johnboy’s Story: On His Childhood in Compton

Johnboy explains the trauma he has had to live with since his childhood in Compton.
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Meeting Johnboy’s Parents

Johnboy's parents discuss Compton's history of gang violence.
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Driving While High Vs. Driving Sober

Before Krishna goes on his "stoned test drive," he does a sober run that could definitely be more difficult with weed.
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THC Testing: Defense Against a Weed DUI

Krishna speaks to civil rights attorney Douglas Hiatt about defending someone charged with a marijuana DUI.