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Gaycation / S2 EP6

Gaycation: United We Stand

In the wake of Trump's election, Elliot Page and Ian Daniel go to Washington DC.
Gaycation / Clip

The Mom Who Became an Activist After Her Trans Daughter Took Her Own Life

Barb Reeves speaks to Ellen and Ian about how the death of her child has affected her life, and the struggle for LGBTQ youth in Indiana under Gov. Mike Pence.
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Combat Veteran: Leave a Message - Post Inauguration

We need to do more.
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Fuck You from Canada: Leave a Message - Post Inauguration

Fuck You from Canada.
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Stay Strong: Leave a Message - Post Election

Stay strong.
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Scared: Leave a Message - Post Election

The times are scary.
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Legalize It: Leave a Message - Post Election

Legalize it.
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Educate Yourself: Leave a Message - Post Election

Educate yourself.
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Don't Get Too Comfortable: Leave a Message - Post Election

Don't get too comfortable.
The 2016 US Election

Pro-Trump Breitbart News: 'Bernie people are our people'

VICE News followed Breitbart's politics team as they covered a Bernie or Bust protest in Philadelphia.
The 2016 US Election

"Did You Bring Your Kneepads?" Female Politicians Speak of Their Journeys to Power

Some of the most well-known women in Washington tell us what it was like to rise through the political ranks.
The 2016 US Election

Delegates Are Struggling to Afford Attending the Democratic Convention

Delegates saddled with thousands of dollars in expenses to attend the Democratic National Convention have to raise money to make it to Philadelphia. Jessa Lewis is one of