Kentucky Ayahuasca / S1 EP10

Margaret, Luke & Gislene

Shaman Steve helps a Virginia Tech shooting survivor seeking help for binging.
Kentucky Ayahuasca / S1 EP9

Angela, Kevin & Tina

Steve must decide if an opiate addict who lied can participate in the ceremony.
Kentucky Ayahuasca / Clip

Taking Ayahuasca to Leave Behind an Abusive Childhood

Angela's doll helped her cope with her abusive childhood, but now "Rachel" anchors Angela to her past. Shaman Steve Hupp hopes that ayahuasca can facilitate the breakthrough Angela needs to leave her childhood behind.
Kentucky Ayahuasca / S1 EP8

Elizabeth, Donavan & Emma

A woman wants to overcome the intense damage caused by her predator father.
Kentucky Ayahuasca / Clip

The Arena of Ayahuasca Introspection

Shamans Steve and Teri Hupp use a combination of mirrors, colored light therapy, and conversational hypnosis to help Emma breakthrough the trauma caused by her biological father.
Kentucky Ayahuasca / S1 EP7

Lina, Joe & Garrett

A woman who was committed to a psych ward faces her mother's abandonment.
Kentucky Ayahuasca / Clip

Chakra Healing on Ayahuasca

Shaman Steve Hupp uses colored lights to help Lena balance her chakras as she seeks to heal from abuse and abandonment" or "Shaman Steve Hupp uses colored lights to symbolize the chakra healing process in Lena's ayahuasca journey.
Kentucky Ayahuasca / S1 EP6

Dena, Nathan & Sheila

A son brings his guilt racked mother who seeks physical healing.
Kentucky Ayahuasca / Clip

Trying To Heal Physical Pain Through Ayahuasca

Sheila was hurt in a work-related accident in 2006. She's hoping Mother Aya will help her overcome both her physical and psychological pain.
Kentucky Ayahuasca / S1 EP5

Danielle, Kevin & Tlawil

Shamanista Teri helps a sexual assault victim work through self-forgiveness.
Kentucky Ayahuasca / Clip

Entering Someone's Ayahuasca Journey

Shaman Steve Hupp enters Kevin's ayahuasca journey to guide him through an overwhelming experience.
Kentucky Ayahuasca / S1 EP4

Keenan, Cheri & Dane

A man who left the Mormon churches hopes to forgive his family.