Barbie Ferreira


How to Behave

A Guide to Being Dramatic

Barbie Ferreira heads to the Centro Internacional de Formación Actoral in Miami, Florida to harness her creativity into the most dramatic art form ever known: telenovelas.
How to Behave

Braving Your First Blind Date

Sick of dealing with the countless frustrations of dating apps, Barbie Ferreira decides to find love the old-fashioned way through a real-life matchmaker.
How to Behave

A Guide to Healthy Sex

Host Barbie Ferreira meets with renowned sex therapist Bat Sheva before signing up for a "Dirty Talk" class. And along the way, she finds that the key to a healthy sex life is good communication.
Broadly Shorties

Barbie Ferreira's Guide to Dealing with Online Trolls

Barbie gives advice on how to deal with online trolls.
Guys on Girls

How Much Do Men Know about Makeup?

Host Barbie Ferreira hits the streets of New York to quiz men on their knowledge of makeup, and if they've ever tried it themselves.
Guys on Girls

Barbie Ferreira Quizzes Men on Childbirth

Childbirth is one of the more memorable experiences a woman may go through in her life, but how much do men actually know about it? Barbie Ferreira hits the streets of New York to investigate.
Broadly Shorties

Barbie Ferreira's Guide to Sending Nudes

Barbie Ferreira shares her dos and don'ts for sending nudes.
Guys on Girls

Barbie Ferreira Grills Guys on Catcalling

What's with men and catcalling? Our host Barbie Ferreira hits the streets to ask both women and men what they think about street harassment — and whether or not it's actually okay.
Broadly Shorties

Barbie Ferreira's Guide to Online Dating

Everything you've done wrong on dating apps, according to model Barbie Ferreira.
i-D Presents

Love is So Much! - A Petra Collins Film Featuring Barbie Ferreira

Happy Valentine's Day from Petra and i-D!
Size Matters

Model ​Barbara Ferreira is Plus Size and Proud

We hear from Barbie Ferreira, the 18-year old queen of the in-between who definitely isn’t into your Beach Body Ready bullshit.