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Inside Paraguay’s Plus Sized Beauty Pageant: Miss Gordita

In Paraguay, as many as one in two people are considered obese. But beauty has many forms, and in Asuncion, there’s a unique pageant catering to a particular kind of beauty.
Snake Man

The Teenage Pageant Girls Who Kill and Skin Rattlesnakes

Steve Ludwin travels to Sweetwater, Texas to see 16 all-American girls climb into a pit of poisonous snakes, decapitate and skin them in a bid to become Miss Snake Charmer at the world’s largest "Rattlesnake Roundup."

Inside Colombia's Public Beauty Pageant for Indigenous Trans Women

VICE meets members of the region's thriving indigenous trans community and follows along as they work through family struggles, hormone treatments, and organize a public beauty pageant.
Broadly Specials

Inside Brazil's Biggest Prison Beauty Pageant

Brazil is home to some of the biggest pageants in the world like Miss World and Miss Universe. Lesser known, however, is Miss Max—a beauty competition at a prison.
Daily VICE

Trans in Thailand (Part 2)

We're back in Thailand to hang out with one of the Ms. Tiffany Beauty Pageant contestants.
Daily VICE

Miss Max Prison Pageant

We also meet Colombia's guerrilla fighters, go courtside at the Davis Cup, and catch up with party monster Michael Alig.
Broadly Specials

Stripping, Twerking, and Feminism at the Miss Juggalette Beauty Pageant

Within the outsider community of ICP fans, female Juggalos are even more marginalized. But now the Faygo-loving women are reclaiming the Miss Juggalette Beauty Pageant.
Real American Beauty

Long Island, NY

t’s prom time in Long Island, and everyone wants to look their best. But what does their best even look like?