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The YouTuber Who Can Make Herself Disappear

We met up with Kika, a makeup artist with a massive online following, to hear how she made a name for herself by using body paint to create mind-boggling illusions.
Needles & Pins / S1 EP6

Tribes & Tongue Splitting in the UK

Grace looks into the UK's tattooing boom & its growing body modification industry.
Needles & Pins / Clip

Grace Meets Traphouse

Traphouse once sold drugs for a living. Now, thanks to social media, he's one of the most well-respected up-and-coming tattoo artists from London. Stories like this and more, tonight on NEEDLES & PINS. 10pm.
Needles & Pins / S1 EP5

Erotic & Illegal Tattoos of Japan

Grace explores Japan's complicated relationship with tattooing.
Needles & Pins / S1 EP4

New Zealand’s Ancient Tattoo Identity

Grace heads to New Zealand to witness the resurgence of Maori Ta Moko tattooing.
Needles & Pins / Clip

The Resurgence of Maori Ta Moko

Grace travels to New Zealand and meets the people behind the Maori Ta Moko tattoo resurgence.
Needles & Pins / S1 EP3

Gang Tattoos in LA

Grace travels to LA to learn the history and evolution of Chicano style tattoos.
Needles & Pins / Clip

Grace Meets Mister Cartoon

Grace meets up with legendary Mexican-American tattoo artist, Mister Cartoon, to gain insight about the Xicano world of tattooing.
Needles & Pins / S1 EP2

Underground Tattoos in South Korea

Grace explores South Korea's underground tattoo scene.
Needles & Pins / S1 EP1

Las Vegas’ Tattoo Economy

Grace reluctanly heads to Las Vegas to try to find an authentic tattoo experience.
Needles & Pins / Clip

How Casinos are Cashing In On The Popularity of Tattoos

Grace explores the tattoo scene in Las Vegas where casinos are cashing in with the popularity of tattoos, and explores the lasting impact of Sailor Jerry on the tattoo scene.
Needles & Pins / Clip

The Rise of Women Tattoo Artists

Dirk talks about this support for women artists in the tattoo industry, and Grace speaks to a young apprentice about her strong feminist stance of the industry.