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Is Asian Rap Cultural Appropriation?

Model Salem Mitchell sits down with local LA rapper, Hollei Day to discuss Asians in Hip Hop, and the female rappers views on cultural appropriation.
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How Brooklyn Decker Used Criticism to Shape Her Career

Actress Brooklyn Decker explains how she bounced back from unfavorable film reviews and regained her confidence.
The Scarlet Letter Reports / web

Tamara Holder on Sexual Assault in Television

Tamara Holder was a regular commentator on Fox News before being assaulted by a company executive. Now, she’s picked up her law practice again and continues to fight for other women who have experienced harassment and assault.
All In Her Head / web

I Went Blind Before Doctors Took My Disease Seriously

Women with chronic illnesses are often misdiagnosed with anxiety, depression, or hypochondria instead of receiving the treatment they need. This is Beatrice’s story.
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Kiah Morris on Fighting Racial Harassment

Kiah Morris was the only black woman in Vermont's state legislature. But after an escalating campaign of racial harassment against her, Kiah was forced to resign—not only for the safety of herself, but also for her family.
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Alexandra Waterbury on Sexual Exploitation in Ballet

Alexandra Waterbury sued New York City Ballet after discovering some of its male dancers had been exchanging explicit texts.
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Why Lindsay Lohan, Nicki Minaj, and Kim Kardashian Should Probably Be Cancelled

#Cancelled is a gameshow where three fans debate controversial—but beloved—celebrities and vote which one of them should be cancelled. For this round, Lindsay Lohan, Nicki Minaj, and Kim Kardashian are on the chopping block.
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How One Porn Star Deals with Internet Hate | Just the Tips

In this episode of 'Just the Tips,' host Dee Nasty meets with porn star Riley Reid to hear how she deals with trolls—both on the internet and in real life.
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Stock Photos Beyond the Binary: Inside 'The Gender Spectrum Collection'

The Gender Spectrum Collection is a stock photo library made up of nearly 200 new images of trans and non binary individuals intended to portray the under-represented community without clichés.
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Grimes’ Birth Chart Is Ruled by Pisces | Broadly's Astroguide

We take a look at Grimes' birth chart, revealing that she is the most Pisces of them all.
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Bailey Davis on Sexism in the NFL

After posting a photo on her private Instagram, cheerleader Bailey Davis was fired from the New Orleans Saints "due to failure to comply with Saintsations rules and regulations."
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Welcome to Aries Season | Broadly's Astroguide

Broadly's astrology editor Sara David takes us through the week's astrological forecast.