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What it's like to take care of multiple family members at age 15

As the only able-bodied person in his home, Jonathan has to take care of his mother, brother and grandmother
The Therapist / S1 EP19

Joe Budden

Joe Budden discusses his lifelong rage, from its origins to his on-camera persona.
The Therapist / S1 EP17

Damian Abraham

Punk rocker Damian Abraham explores the root of his shame-based emotions.
Raised and Confused

Raised and Confused: Screen Babies

In this first episode of our new parenting series, we examine the pervasive nature of digital childhood through the stories of the children, parents, educators, and researchers who are exploring this uncharted territory.​ Supported by Sutter Health.
The Therapist / S1 EP3

Corey Taylor

Metal rocker Corey Taylor looks to heal from attempted suicide and childhood rape.
Weediquette / Extra Scene

Johnboy’s Story: On His Childhood in Compton

Johnboy explains the trauma he has had to live with since his childhood in Compton.
Jungletown / Clip

Pulum's Story

Pulum talks about his childhood and his spiritual relationship to the cullinary arts.

Bibi Bourelly Wants Everyone to Be Free

In this episode of 'Autobiographies,' singer-songwriter Bibi Bourelly opens up about her childhood, making music with her father, and how she channeled the loss of her mother into inspiration for her musical career.
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How 'As You Are' Director Miles Joris-Peyrafitte Made His First Film at 23 

We meet up with the director, one of the youngest filmmakers ever accepted to Sundance, to visit some of the places the film was shot.