Civil Rights


Betraying the Badge / S2 EP4

The Four Horsemen

Narcotics officers rule inner city Philadelphia using fear and dirty tactics
While The Rest Of Us Die / S2 EP7

Radical Religion

Religious radicals weaponize Christianity to gain wealth and power in America.

HIV: The Neglected Pandemic

Meeting people living with HIV, advocates, and the scientists racing for a cure.
While The Rest Of Us Die / S1 EP3

The Enemy Within

How disasters and civil unrest reveal the Cold War’s racist roots.
VICE News Tonight on HBO

“Take a Knee ... My Ass” brought this country singer back into the spotlight

Neal McCoy's new song, "Take a Knee...My Ass," is a direct response to athletes taking a knee at games.
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Kenyans are risking their lives to keep track of killer cops

VICE News embedded with underground human rights activists fighting police brutality.
Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights: Public Transit

Being targeted by one of the thousands of transit officers dispatched across the country is more often a nuisance than a cause for anxiety. But if this interaction starts to escalate, it’s important to know your rights.
VICE News Tonight on HBO

We Talk to Interracial Couples 50 Years after Loving v. Virginia

VICE News asked couples to mark the anniversary of Loving v. Virginia by explaining what the decision means to them.
Know Your Rights

Filming the Police

If you're concerned that the police might be overstepping their authority or violating somebody's rights, you can and probably should take out your phone.
Know Your Rights

Data at the Border

Extreme vetting is happening every day at the U.S. border, and that vetting extends to your phone.
Know Your Rights

Marijuana Legalization

The rollout of marijuana legislation in the US is nothing short of complicated. Here's how to smoke and stay on the right side of the law.
Know Your Rights

How to Protest

We live in politically charged times. With protests are happening almost every weekend, there's never been a more important time to know your rights. This episode will tell you what you need to know to protest safely, and legally.