Cloud Nothings


Self Portraits

Pabllo Vittar Draws a Self Portrait

Pabllo Vittar draws her first self portrait.
Self Portraits

TisaKorean Draws His Self Portrait

TisaKorean draws himself while talking about 90's cartoons and the evolution of his hair.
Self Portraits

Nef Pharaoh Draws His Self Portrait

Nef Pharaoh breakdowns his high school experience and dyslexia while drawing himself in this episode of Noisey Self Portraits.
Self Portraits

Ari Lennox Draws Her Self Portrait

Ari Lennox draws her self portrait.
Self Portraits

Billie Eilish Talks Her Love for Anime While Drawing Her Self-Portrait

Billie Eilish breaks down her love for anime, Takashi Murakami, and snakes in this episode of Noisey Self Portraits.
Self Portraits

Blueface Talks Jewelry and Draws His Self-Portrait

Blueface sits down with Noisey to draw his self-portrait.
Self Portraits

Matt Ox Draws a Self Portrait

We sit down with Matt Ox as he draws a self portrait.
Self Portraits

Janelle Monae

In this episode of Noisey's Self Portraits, Janelle Monáe, draws a self portrait inspired by her latest album, "Dirty Computer."
Self Portraits

T-Pain Draws Himself as an Alien

In this episode of Noisey's Self Portrait, T-Pain draws himself as an alien.
Self Portraits

Noisey Self Portraits: Kyle

Kyle draws a self-portrait.
Self Portraits

Self Portrait: Cloud Nothings

In this episode of Self-Portraits, watch Dylan Baldi, frontman of Cloud Nothings, spend some time pondering life, probably, while sketching his own face.
Self Portraits

Smokepurpp feat. Lil Pump

Smokepurpp and Lil Pump sit down for the world's most ignorant self-portrait.