Betraying the Badge / S2 EP6

The Dirty 30

Cops in NYCs 30th Precinct use the streets they swore to protect for personal gain
Betraying the Badge / S2 EP3

Operation Broken Oath

The FBI exposes a drug ring operating inside the Savannah Police department.
Betraying the Badge / S2 EP2

Takedown at the Border

Corrupt members of the National Guard smuggle drugs at the southern border
Betraying the Badge / S2 EP1

Diamonds and Dirty Cops

The FBI brings down a jewelry theft ring run by a top former Chicago Police Chief.
Betraying the Badge / Clip

Betraying the Badge - Season 2 Trailer

A group of police officers run drugs for a powerful mob boss that doesn't exist; a trio of convicted cops and an undercover agent in a life or death struggle over illegal drugs and guns; and more incredible cases of police corruption.
Dark Side of the 90s / S2 EP3

Cops: Bad Boys, Bad Boys

Despite its record-breaking time on air, COPS is mired in controversy.
While The Rest Of Us Die / S2 EP8

The Real Drug Lords

Corporate corruption and military pacts with drug lords fuel the addiction wave.
I Was a Teenage Felon / S2 EP9

Super Predator

When Marcus learned how to make an easy $5k, jacking cars became a no brainer.
I Was a Teenage Felon / S2 EP7

Son of a Preacher Man

At 19, college boy Chin becomes the biggest cocaine dealer in Nashville.
I Was a Teenage Felon / S2 EP6

The Cartel Kid

By 19, Jacob was running transport in the Southern US for a Mexican drug cartel.
I Was a Teenage Felon / S2 EP1

Hollywood Queenpin

17-year-old Denise rose from Hollywood party girl to cocaine Queenpin.
Betraying the Badge / S1 EP8

Florida Killer Cops

A Florida deputy discovers that his partner may be involved in a murder.