Side Hustles

We Make $3K/Month Selling Trash

Erin and Dave are a newly married couple in Buffalo. When they’re not working their regular gigs, they forage in dumpsters and sell what they find.
Geico Setting Up Shop

How to Hear “No” From Investors and Not Feel Discouraged

Jesse Boyes and Seth Harris received 50 rejections from investors before landing on a yes. Now, the two have started, a video calling app that allows the two to feel like they’re in the same room together even when they aren’t.
Geico Setting Up Shop

Do You Believe in Your Business Enough to Pawn Your Grandfather’s Watch?

Anthony Lawson pawned his grandfather’s watch for money to start his candle business, Minetta Wax Co. He earned that back. He’s now got a business that has surpassed his expectations. See how he did it on this episode of “Setting Up Shop"
Geico Setting Up Shop

How to Know When It's Time to Open Your Own Business

Kat Russo was tired of working in salons. When the pandemic hit she struck out on her own and opened her own (happy) place. Hear how she did it on this episode of “Setting Up Shop,” Created with Geico.
Geico Setting Up Shop

How a Caterer Successfully Pivoted His Business

When the pandemic shut down chef Edy Massih’s thriving catering business, he pivoted, ‘Setting Up Shop’ with what he calls a “catering storefront,” Edy’s Grocer. Hear Edy’s story on this episode of “Setting Up Shop,” Created with Geico.
Japan Clears the Air / Clip

What's Behind Japan's Evolving Smoking Culture?

Cigarette sales in Japan have been rapidly declining in recent years. We uncover some of the reasons why.
Japan Clears the Air

Inside Japan's Evolving Smoking Culture

Cigarette sales in Japan have been rapidly declining in recent years. We uncover some of the reasons why.
Converse - City Forests

Converse Renew Store

The Converse All Stars, a group of young, eco-conscious artists and activists, are taking action against The Pacific Garbage Patch, and are launching a fully virtual Converse Renew Labs Store on top of it.

Adidas Stan Smith Forever

Adidas Stan Smith Teaser
Target Dear Black Love

Let’s Talk About Facial Hair: This Studio Is Tapping Into An Overlooked Sector Of Skin-Care

In the latest episode of Dear, Black Love, done in partnership with Target, we're sharing the Wagner sisters' story, including their desire to create generational wealth.
Hornitos "Shot Takers"

Amber Ibarreche Uses Poetry To Open Doors

The artist experiments with words and language to create a voice for the voiceless.
Converse - City Forests

Converse City Forests - Renew

Converse City Forests is a platform to amplify the stories of individuals through murals in heavily trafficked places in their communities. The murals interact in several different cities, all imbued with a theme: Breaking Barriers for Equality.