F*ck, That’s Delicious / S2 EP6

A Love Like Wine

Action & friends are in Copenhagen. He makes an octopus taco. Meyhem cooks a fish.
High Society

Heroin Commuters: Swedish Drug Users are Migrating to Denmark

We meet two Swedish drug users who have escaped Sweden's zero-tolerance policy and instead live on the streets of Copenhagen.
Munchies Specials

The Art of Making Danish Pastry

American pastry chef Milton Abel visits one of Copenhagen's oldest bakeries to learn the secrets behind the Danes' famous pastries.
Chef's Night Out

Chef's Night Out: Hija de Sanchez

In this episode of Chef's Night Out, Rosio cooks up a taco feast for her friends before they head out on the town in Copenhagen.
How-To / web

How-To: Wonton Soup with Lisa Lov

Lisa Lov, the chef behind Tiger Mom in Copenhagen, gives a wonton masterclass and shows how to fold the perfect dumpling.
How-To / web

Make Danish Open-faced Sandwiches

Haleigh Whelan-McManus is a chef from Dublin, but he’s spent enough time in Denmark to know how to make the national lunchtime tradition: open-faced sandwiches.
Munchies Specials

The Art Of Making Danish Hot Dogs

What can a chef from a three-starred Michelin restaurant learn from a seasoned sausage vendor in Copenhagen? A whole lot, apparently.
Munchies Specials

A Day in the Life of Restaurant 108

From beef garum pastries being glazed at 6am to the last dish leaving the kitchen in the evening - Munchies got to be a fly on the wall at restaurant 108 in Copenhagen.
Chef's Night Out

Culinary Escapades in Copenhagen with Kadeau

We never imagined that a Chef’s Night Out with the crew from restaurant Kadeau would be dull, but nothing quite prepared us for this whirlwind of culinary escapades.

The Freeze-Dried Craft Beer of the Future: To Øl

We meet the owners of Copenhagen brewery To Øl (‘two beers’) and join them at the opening of their new brewpub and restaurant, Brus.
How-To / web

Sai Krok Isan

Kim Wejendorp from Amass Restaurant in Copenhagen shows us how to make the fermented Thai pork sausages, Sai Krok Isan.
F*ck, That’s Delicious / web

International Hot Dogs

We have succeeded in capturing the most dynamic eating streak in recent gastronomic history.