I Was a Teenage Felon / S2 EP9

Super Predator

When Marcus learned how to make an easy $5k, jacking cars became a no brainer.
I Was a Teenage Felon / S2 EP8

The Charmer

Ryan was a stickup kid, a crack dealer, and a two-time felon before he was 18
The War On Drugs

Did the CIA Actually Sell Crack in the 1980s?

As cocaine flooded into America in the 1980s, this is how one reporter exposed CIA collaboration with cartels. Did the US government actually cause the crack epidemic?
I Was a Teenage Felon / S1 EP8

The Fixer

At the age of 16, Obie gets in deep with a drug cartel and is soon making millions.
I Was a Teenage Felon / S1 EP6

Tiny Doughboy

At the age of 12 Tiny Doughboy became one of the most notorious gangsters in LA.
I Was a Teenage Felon / S1 EP4

The Porno Gangster

From crack to porn to bank robbery, Herc has done it all & lived to tell the tale.
I Was a Teenage Felon / S1 EP3

High AF

19 yr old Fred trafficked thousands of pounds of weed from Mexico to the US.
I Was a Teenage Felon / S1 EP1

Coss the Boss

At 14 Coss was a small time coke dealer. By 18 he was making 3 milllion a year.
Party Legends / S1 EP6

Nude Dude Walking Through

Bobcat Goldthwait, Sean Patton, Estelle, Rory Scovel, Kreayshawn, and Howard Kremer have their wildest party stories animated.
Red Right Hand

'The Cleveland Strangler': The Story of a Brutal Serial Killer and His Forgotten Victims

In one of the most heinous and underreported serial murders in American history, at least 11 black women were raped and butchered by a serial killer named Anthony Sowell.
VICE Talks Film

Benicio Del Toro on 'Sicario'

We sit down with Oscar-winner Benicio Del Toro to discuss his latest film, the atmospheric drug-trade thriller Sicario.
People Vs.

The People Vs Freddie Gibbs

The People vs Freddie Gibbs Le rappeur réagit aux commentaires de son clip « Thuggin' » en nous parlant de crack, de gros culs et du rôle des parents dans l'éducation de leurs enfants.