VWN Informers

The Scariest Things I’ve Seen While Hacking

A white hat hacker reveals how vulnerable our systems are globally, the impact of major hacks and how it affects all of us.

How Israel Rules The World Of Cyber Security

Ben Ferguson travels to Tel Aviv to find out how Israel is on its way to becoming the world's top cyber superpower.
VICE Labs / S1 EP296

Cyber Security with Ben Makuch - Leaking Information Securely

CYBERWAR's Ben Makuch explains how to safely and anonymously leak important information to the press.
VICE Labs / S1 EP296

How to Protect Yourself from Ransomware: Cyber Security with Ben Makuch

CYBERWAR's Ben Makuch explains how to prevent the files on your computer from being held hostage by ransomware.
Cyberwar / Extra Scene

Russian Hackers Target NATO

In a deleted scene from CYBERWAR, Jānis Sārts, Director at the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence, speaks of instances that they have been targetted by Russian hackers.
VICE Labs / S1 EP296

Cyber Security with Ben Makuch - Webcam Spying

CYBERWAR's Ben Makuch explains how easy it is for a hacker to watch you through your webcam.
VICE Labs / S1 EP296

Cyber Security with Ben Makuch - DarkComet

CYBERWAR's Ben Makuch explains DarkComet.
VICE News Shorts

Ransomware: How Hackers Make You Pay

Ransomware, a form a malware that holds your computer data hostage, is proving that when it comes to stolen data, the victim is the ultimate customer.
VICE News Tonight on HBO

We Go Inside a Cybersecurity Firm to Find out What a Major Internet War Might Look Like

Kevin Mandia offers a glimpse into what a major 'cyber war' might look like
Cyberwar / S1 EP6

Stuxnet the Digital Weapon

Stuxnet was a sophisticated cyber attack on an Iranian nuclear plant that may have changed the nature of warfare forever.
Cyberwar / S1 EP3

Cyber Mercenaries

Authoritarian regimes are using spyware tools bought from private companies in the West. Hacker PhineasFisher targeted these companies to reveal their deals.
Cyberwar / S1 EP1

Who is Anonymous?

The notorious hacktivist collective Anonymous has targeted everyone from PayPal to the FBI. But a string of arrests have crippled the group.