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Animal Rights Extremists: Terrorism or Protest?

Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) is an animal liberation group that is notorious for its large-scale actions which sometimes involve illegal tactics such as civil disobedience and trespassing.
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How to Make Pills Out of a Placenta

Hoping to understand what goes into placenta consumption, Broadly’s Simone Sullivan meets up with doula Yehudit “Yomi” Chernovy to see how she prepares one woman’s placenta in pill form.
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Celebrating Thanksgiving at an Erotic Dinner Party

LUST has quickly become one of New York's most infamous nightlife events. Their annual Thanksgiving celebration is an erotic party featuring food served on naked bodies. Vice visited their Thanksgiving feast in 2016 to see how Lust celebrates.

Faking Volkswagen's Dieselgate Apology with the Yes Men

After over 20 years in prankster activism, The Yes Men turn their sights on Volkswagen- making the public "apology" from the company that they say should have happened years ago.
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The Hardcore World of Deathmatch Wrestling

To New York wrestler Casanova Valentine, slamming his opponents onto tables lined with barbed wire and tackling them to the ground isn’t just fun—it’s performance art.

You Aren't Listening to Malcolm Jenkins

Most NFL players would take time off after winning a Super Bowl, but not Malcolm Jenkins. As co-founder of the Players Coalition, athletes who work against social injustices in our communities, Malcolm wants us all to stay on-topic this season.
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Inside The Growing Men’s Rights Movement in India

VICE met up with the activists and founder of SIFF, a leading men's rights organization taking cues from America's men's rights activists.
American Conventions

Partying with Abraham Lincoln Presenters

We checked out the Association of Lincoln Presenters convention in Freeport, Illinois, to talk to the professional presenters, and ask locals how they feel about the massive gathering.
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How a Father Deals with Loss After Parkland Shooting

VICE met up with Manuel Oliver, whose son was killed in the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, to hear how he’s rededicated his life to empowering young activists to campaign against gun violence.
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Inside the Two-Decade Fight to Bring Down a Confederate Monument

VICE traveled to Denton, Texas, to meet Willie Hudspeth, who's spent every Sunday for the past 20 years protesting a Confederate monument in the town square.
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The Slavery Detective of the South

VICE traveled to rural Louisiana to meet Antoinette Harrell, a genealogist who tracks down cases of slavery and abusive labor practices that continued for nearly a century after the Civil War.
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DIY Gunshot Treatment on Chicago’s South Side

In a city home to a staggering amount of gun violence, Ujimaa Medics is helping local kids save lives by training them to treat gunshot wounds at the scene of a shooting.
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Inside a Sacred Apache Ceremony for Girls

For the Mescalero Apache Tribe, girls are not recognized as women until they have undergone the Sunrise Ceremony- an ancient, coming-of-age ceremony that lasts for four days. Last May, VICE got rare access to the ceremony for Julene Geronimo.
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Catching Up with the Poet Behind the Women's March Anthem 'Nasty Woman'

VICE reconnected with Nina Donovan—the poet whose work went viral at this year’s Women’s March—to hear how her time in the spotlight changed her, and what she's working on now.
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Catching Up with the European Artists Who Perform for Pets

VICE reconnected with Krõõt Juurak and Alex Bailey, a duo staging performance art shows for pets in museums, galleries, and living rooms across Europe.
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How a Trans Student Brought Gender-Neutral Bathrooms to His High School

VICE caught up with Vinnie Holt, a transgender teenager who stood up to his high school after being denied the right to use the bathroom he identifies with.
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This Children's Book Is All About a Black, Gay Santa Claus

We met up with the author behind 'Santa's Husband' to hear how the book came to be, what it's all about, and how folks are reacting to it.
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Getting Stoned with Seniors in Seattle

VICE visited a Seattle nursing home that takes its residents on field trips to a local dispensary to see how some seniors are learning to love marijuana.
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Smuggling Weed in the Florida Everglades

In the 1980s, Everglades City, Florida, was raided three times by federal law enforcement searching for a complex, highly organized drug smuggling network hiding in the small city.
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The Hornet Boy: Collecting Wasp Nests as Therapy

We met up with Terry Prouty, a prolific collector of wasp nests, to hear about the connection between his hobby and his mental health.
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The Portuguese Bullfighter Keeping His Country’s Tradition Alive

We meet one of the last Portuguese bull fighters of his generation, and learn more about how the tradition is still relevant.
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How a Musician Hacked His Drum Kit to Sound Like a Full Band

We sat down with musician Greg Fox to hear how placing high-tech sensors on his drum kit enabled him to make one instrument produce a landscape of sounds—a pioneering technique he's used to record a full album.
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The New York Taxi Driver Photographing His Passengers

Photographer Ryan Weideman has been snapping portraits of the folks in his New York City cab since the early 80s, capturing subjects as ordinary as a waitress and as extraordinary as Allen Ginsberg.
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Meet the Godfather of Erotic Photography

Internationally renowned photographer Eric Kroll is a legend in kink circles. Kroll first made a name for himself shooting celebrities for publications like Vogue. He invited VICE to spend an afternoon with him at his home in Tucson.