Vice Special Report / S1 EP1

They're Getting Rid of Us

In a special report, VICE News investigates the ICE gynecologic scandal.
I Was a Teenage Felon / S2 EP4

Ecstasy Kingpin

At age 19, English Shaun made millions in stocks and became Arizona’s E Kingpin.
I Was a Teenage Felon / S1 EP9

The K2 Kingpin

18 yr old Yazz sold K2 to fund his habit but ended up earning him 100k a week.
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Supreme Court debates whether to detain immigrants indefinitely

VICE News examines the legal limbo for U.S. immigrants waiting for bond hearings
VICE News Tonight on HBO

A deported father watches his kids grow up in the U.S. On YouTube

VICE News talks to a deported father in Mexico, who is unable to regain custody of his biological children in the U.S.
VICE Impact Spotlight

Solidarity for Sanctuary

Doris Munoz organizes a benefit concert to raise funds for her parent's legal fees. They are unauthorized citizens who are at risk of deportation and have accrued fines for every year they've lived in the United States without legal documentation.
Weediquette / S3 EP1

Deported For Dope

Krishna follows a Virginia family torn apart by deportation due to a weed charge.
Weediquette / Clip

The Flawed Aggravated Felony Concept

Krishna meets with César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández, a law professor & immigration expert, to find out why legal residents can be deported for such minor crimes.
VICE News Specials

Dominican Deadlock - Dispatch 2

VICE News traveled to Batey Naranjo, a small village near Santo Domingo primarily populated by Haitians or Dominican Haitians.
VICE News Specials

Dominican Deadlock- Dispatch 4

VICE News visited Fond Bayard Community School in Haiti.
VICE News Specials

Dominican Deadlock - Dispatch 1

VICE News was at the Santo Domingo Ministry of the Interior on what was the final day for thousands of Dominican Haitians to apply for citizenship, and avoid deportation.
VICE News Specials

Dominican Deadlock - Dispatch 3

VICE News rides across the Dajabon border crossing with two families self-deporting back to Haiti after they failed to apply for residency.