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The Most Dangerous City in Europe?

In Marseille, violence between drug gangs fighting for territory has spiralled out of control. VICE meets the criminals behind these wars and the victims.
I Was a Teenage Felon / S2 EP8

The Charmer

Ryan was a stickup kid, a crack dealer, and a two-time felon before he was 18
Betraying the Badge / S1 EP8

Florida Killer Cops

A Florida deputy discovers that his partner may be involved in a murder.
Betraying the Badge / S1 EP7

Sheriff's Bling Ring

Anonymous tip leads to the largest corruption probe in LA law enforcement history.
Betraying the Badge / S1 EP6

Tarnished Badge

A remorseful cop reports crimes committed by officers in the sheriff's department.
Betraying the Badge / S1 EP5

Snitchin’ on Corrupt Cops

Baltimore cops who steal drugs and money are brought down by a drug dealer.
Betraying the Badge / S1 EP4

Panama Unit

A sheriff's son and his cronies sell stolen drugs until they're trapped in a sting.
Betraying the Badge / S1 EP3

Shattered Shield

Feds investigate corrupt cops in New Orleans and the murder of an innocent woman.
Betraying the Badge / S1 EP2

To Protect and Serve The Mob

Two NYC cops take bribes from the mob and carry out 8 gangland-style murders.
Betraying the Badge / S1 EP1

Rich Rivera: The Inside Man

A young rookie suspects criminality within his PD and goes undercover for the FBI.
Betraying the Badge / Clip

Betraying the Badge (Trailer)

Extortion, bribery, and corruption can all start on the inside. BETRAYING THE BADGE premieres July 19 on VICE TV.
The VICE Guide To Right Now

The Real Rick Ross and a Young Drug Dealer Talk Game

Two former drug dealers from different generations — Freeway Rick Ross and Lorenze — sit down to reflect on the similarities and differences of hustling in their day.