Eddie Huang


Huang’s World / Extra Scene

Mumbo Sauce and Pottery in D.C.

Eddie is in D.C. for food and a pottery lesson with the NFL's Vernon David and Chris Cooley.
Noisey Raps

Meyhem Lauren: Conquering the World with a Beautiful Face

We hung out with the Queens rapper in New York as he told us the plans for the rest of his year, which may or may not include spa treatments.
Huang’s World / Clip

The Food Courts of Taiwan

Eddie eats his way through a massive food court in Taiwan sampling everything from beef noodle soup to fresh pineapple cakes.
Huang’s World / Extra Scene

Fresh Off the Blunt in Jamaica

This scene was deleted from the episode because Eddie decided to get high as fuck after he completed the introduction.
Huang’s World / Extra Scene

The Biggest Chinatown In Mexico

Eddie explores Mexican-Chinese cuisine in Mexicali, then takes a tour of the city's hidden tunnels. Note the homemade soy sauce michelada.
Huang’s World / Extra Scene

Eating Tuna Sperm

While shooting in Sicily, the Huang's World crew almost lose a GoPro, then celebrate with the guy who saved it by eating salted fish parts...and salted fish sperm.
Huang’s World / Extra Scene

Fresh Cut for a Huang New Year

After a fresh cut from his barber of six years, Eddie Huang prepares Chinese New Year dinner for a few dozen people with his brother's help.
Huang’s World / web


Eddie—The Human Panda—discovers that pandas watch panda porn and samples baby pig dick at China's Dead Sea Resort.
Huang’s World / web

New York City

Eddie Huang shows us a day in his life around downtown Manhattan.
Huang’s World / web


Eddie ventures into the heart of the city where he meets street vendor Qiuxiang Wang and tries poop-infused coffee with food writer Jenny Gao.
Huang’s World / web


Eddie heads to Brick Lane, where he chows down on some tikka masala with a British twist and takes us around the East End to have breakfast with Dave Courtney.
Huang’s World / web


Eddie chows down on some "communist dogs" with one of the few black Muscovites and shares tea with Kyrgyz immigrants.