Mind Your Manners

The Rules of Wine with Meyhem Lauren

Meyhem Lauren knows almost everything about everything, but there’s always room to learn more.
Mind Your Manners

The Rules of Dumplings with Meyhem Lauren - Mind Your Manners

Meyhem Lauren sits down with dumpling expert Johnny Shek from Tim Ho Wan and dumpling novice Olivia Gattuso to learn the proper way to eat dumplings.
Mind Your Manners

Table Etiquette with Meyhem Lauren - Mind Your Manners

Meyhem Lauren brought an expert from the Etiquette School of New York to discuss table manners with himself and Dee Nasty.
How to Behave

A Guide to Being Dramatic

Barbie Ferreira heads to the Centro Internacional de Formación Actoral in Miami, Florida to harness her creativity into the most dramatic art form ever known: telenovelas.
How to Behave

How to Navigate Social Media with Gigi Gorgeous

In this episode of ‘How to Behave,’ Barbie Ferreira meets up with YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous to hear how about her journey to internet stardom, and gets some tips on how to truly be herself with no concern for haters or inappropriate comments.
How to Behave

A Guide to Makeup

Barbie Ferreira explores the multi-faceted world of makeup, and meets people all around New York City—from a team of synchronized swimmers to a drag king known as Goldie Peacock— who are using it in new and inventive ways.
How To Treat X

How to Treat a Bartender, According to Bartenders

Seasoned New York City bartenders share the most important do's and don'ts of how they like to be treated.
How to Behave

Braving Your First Blind Date

Sick of dealing with the countless frustrations of dating apps, Barbie Ferreira decides to find love the old-fashioned way through a real-life matchmaker.
How to Behave

A Guide to Eating Habits

No matter how you slice it, women always seem to be judged for their eating habits so Barbie meets up with two women who face that challenge publicly.
How to Behave

A Guide to Body Positivity

In this episode of 'How to Behave,' host Barbie Ferreira explores questions around body hair on women, before letting it all hang out at a nudist camp.
How to Behave

A Guide to Personal Style

Is it possible to get too dressed up? In this episode of 'How to Behave,' host Barbie Ferreira attempts to learn the ins and outs of style.
How to Behave

A Guide to Healthy Sex

Host Barbie Ferreira meets with renowned sex therapist Bat Sheva before signing up for a "Dirty Talk" class. And along the way, she finds that the key to a healthy sex life is good communication.