2 Chainz shows us how to truly FLEX when you're kicking it in Las Vegas.
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Action Bronson Drinks Through Rural France

In the third and final installment of the critically-acclaimed smash hit trilogy From Paris with Love we find ourselves starting out at Le Verre Volé.
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gypsy's fashion rebellion in paris

Rio Uribe likes to think outside the fashion boxes. With his brand Gypsy Sport, founded in 2012, Rio re-anchors fashion in the streets and celebrates radical diversity, inclusivity and freedom at Paris' Place de la République.
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Agnès Varda and Artist JR Turned a Trip to France into a Documentary

VICE met up with the filmmaker and the street artist to discuss their unique collaboration, 'Faces Places,' and forging an unlikely friendship.
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This Director Turned Years of AIDS Activism into a Feature Film

VICE sat down with director Robin Campillo to discuss 'BPM,' his new film about AIDS activism in France in the early 1990s.
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Action Bronson Eats and Drinks Paris - Part Deux

In the second installment of From Paris with Love, Action Bronson and Clovis are back sampling more of what Paris has to offer.
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Anti-Jihadist Training Camp

Two years into its state of emergency, France’s risk of further terror attacks is only growing. Now a French entrepreneur is offering his compatriots “anti-jihadist training” in Poland. But is this self-defence training or right-wing radicalisation?
States of Undress

Beyond the Burkini in France

Hailey travels to France to see how Islamophobia impacts the Muslim community.
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France’s Young Conservatives Who Want to Ban Wearing Hijab in Public

Hailey meets with a University's Front National Association, who express Islamophobic beliefs regarding the state of their country.
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Marine Le Pen Sparked Fear and Activism in France's Poor Suburbs

VICE News follows activists trying to convince young voters in the Paris suburbs that voting can change their lives.
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Emmanuel Macron, France's Other Outsider Candidate, Is The Last Chance To Stop Marine Le Pen

Macron is a 39-year-old former Rothschild banker who has never held elected office, he's an outsider in the political system, or so he's being pitched.
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Bleu Blanc Satan: The Birth of Black Metal in France

This documentary retraces the birth of the black metal scene in France through unpublished archives and interviews of the main pioneers of this movement.