One Star Reviews / S1 EP9

Stripping and Piercing

Taji visits a strip club with low reviews & gets a body piercing at a tattoo bar.
One Star Reviews / S1 EP8

Teeth Whitening and Movers

Taji gets his teeth whitened & hires a low rated mover to help a stranger.
One Star Reviews / S1 EP7

Chemical Peel and Buffet

Taji gets a facial from a badly reviewed doctor & fills up on a low rated buffet.
One Star Reviews / S1 EP6

Colonics and Bowling

Taji gets a colonic at a low-rated spa & checks out sketchy a 24 hr bowling alley.
One Star Reviews / S1 EP4

Hookah and Tango

Taji tries out a badly reviewed hookah bar and takes a low rated tango lesson.
One Star Reviews / S1 EP2

Fishing and Bath House

Taji fishes on a poorly rated charter boat & visits a low rated bath house.
One Star Reviews / S1 EP1

Dating Coach and Date

Taji visits a poorly rated dating coach and tests it out on a blind date.
One Star Reviews / Clip

One Star Reviews - Trailer

Taji gets his colon cleaned, teeth whitened, nipple pierced and visits a psychic, dating coach, strip club and 14 more businesses plagued by bad reviews to see if they are as bad as their reviews make them out to be.
One Star Reviews / web

Adjusting My Back At A One Star Chiropractor

There has been concern about the state of Taji's back for a little while now, so he finally made an appointment with a Chiropractor.
One Star Reviews / web

Jumping Off A Cliff with A One-Star Paraglider

Taji jumps from 2800-feet with a one-star-rated paraglider.
One Star Reviews / web

Going Undercover as a Stripper

On the latest One Star Reviews, Taji Ameen is on the search for the lowest rated male strip club in Florida.
One Star Reviews / web

Getting Frosted Tips at a One Star Hair Salon

On the new season of One Star Reviews, VICE's Taji Ameen has temporarily relocated to Florida where (luckily for the series) businesses remain open. In this episode, Taji visits a hair colorist who has received numerous one star reviews.