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How a Chemical Company Created a Ghost Town

A historic town built by formerly enslaved people after the Civil War has been destroyed by industry, particularly by South African apartheid-era company Sasol.

Coronavirus Is Speeding Up the Evolution of Porn

VICE News speaks to porn industry professionals about Love Remotely.
Shelter In Place with Shane Smith / Clip

David Chang on How Coronavirus Has Affected the Restaurant Industry

Shane chats with David Chang and Marguerite Mariscal of Momofuku.
Gig Economy

I Earn $300 a Night Dancing Because My Passion Doesn’t Pay Enough

A set designer by day, go-go dancer by night, Mariano Rubin De Celis came to the US in 2016 to pursue his dreams. Turns out it wasn't as easy as he expected.
i-D Specials

from christy to adwoa, 10 models share their passions on international women's day

What does it mean to be a model in 2018? i-D has always believed in the power of speaking out and today, on International Women's Day, 10 models discuss what it means to be a woman in the fashion industry.
Noisey Mental Health

A Light Went Out: A Short Film About Mental Health in the Music Industry

In our first animated film we meet two musicians who found fame and fortune in the indie scene of the early 2000’s: Bill Ryder-Jones from The Coral and Rob Harvey from The Music. Both had strikingly similar experiences of suffering from mental health
Love Industries

Inside America's Billion Dollar Divorce Industry

In the latest episode of Love Industries, we investigate America's booming divorce business.