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We Were In North Korea During Its Latest Failed Missile Launch

We were in North Korea for the national "Day of the Sun" holiday, an occasion used to parade the country's highly synchronized soldiers and latest weaponry.
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Victor Cha on North Korea’s Nuclear Threat

VICE News sits down with Victor Cha, a former US nuclear negotiator and National Security Council advisor, to talk about North Korea’s nuclear weapons.
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Launching Balloons into North Korea: Propaganda Over Pyongyang

VICE News goes to Korea to meet the group that's planning to use balloons to launch copies of "The Interview" into North Korea.
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North Korean Labor Camps (Part 1/7)

VICE founder Shane Smith romps around the hermit kingdom.
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Inside North Korea (Part 3/3)

The next stop on VICE's tour of North Korean propaganda was The People's Library, this place is weird and creepy - just like everywhere else in North Korea. The creep keeps on coming.
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Inside North Korea (Part 2/3)

Shane visits the North Korean side of the De-militarized Zone (DMZ) and surprisingly finds that it's more relaxed than the South however the propaganda and is out of control. North Korea is serious.
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Inside North Korea (Part 1/3)

VICE founder Shane Smith managed to get into North Korea after a year and half of trying and is witness to the craziness of this hermit nation.