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North Korea Is Provoking South Korea, But the Real Enemy Is the U.S.

VICE News explores the significance of the symbolic move by North Korea and what it means for the future of diplomacy between the neighboring countries.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un Meet

Trump shows off his propaganda skills with an action movie trailer starring Kim Jong Un, Sylvester Stallone, and himself. You don't have to stay for end credits.
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No one is sure which country is helping North Korea make its missiles

The Yuzhmash factory let VICE News cameras inside for the first time.
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North Korea launches its most powerful missile yet

North Korea launched its most powerful rocket ever Wednesday, the Hwasong-15 intercontinental ballistic missile.
Huang’s World / S2 EP7

South Korea

Eddie explores South Korea’s commodification of culture as he eats his way through Seoul.
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Family of Accused Killer of Kim Jong Un's Step Brother Speaks Out

VICE News traveled to rural Indonesia and speaks with the family of one of the two accused attackers
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North Korea is Far From Developing a Nuclear Missile That Could Reach the U.S.

We talk to an expert about North Korea’s progress in developing a nuclear missile capable of reaching the U.S. mainland.
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We Were In North Korea During Its Latest Failed Missile Launch

We were in North Korea for the national "Day of the Sun" holiday, an occasion used to parade the country's highly synchronized soldiers and latest weaponry.
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Watch North Korea launch four banned ballistic missiles toward Japan

The launch put the region on edge.
Cyberwar / S1 EP2

The Sony Hack

Sony Pictures was hacked and the U.S. blamed North Korea. But the government's evidence wasn't all that convincing.
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Victor Cha on North Korea’s Nuclear Threat

VICE News sits down with Victor Cha, a former US nuclear negotiator and National Security Council advisor, to talk about North Korea’s nuclear weapons.
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Launching Balloons into North Korea: Propaganda Over Pyongyang

VICE News goes to Korea to meet the group that's planning to use balloons to launch copies of "The Interview" into North Korea.