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Lebanon’s Green Gold: The Debate to Legalize Cannabis

VICE’s Rony Karkar finds out why Lebanon is so keen to legalize cannabis, and travels to the village of Yammouneh, where one of the main cannabis farming communities live, to find out why they think they’ll lose out if their livelihood becomes legal.
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Basketball's Battle of Lebanon

In Lebanon, political rivalries come to a head when it comes to the court.
States of Undress / S2 EP6

Couture and Conflict in Lebanon

In Beirut, Hailey learns how Syrian refugees are impacting Lebanese haute couture.
States of Undress / Clip

Ghedir Al Jawad’s Atelier

Hailey meets with Syrian refugee and fashion designer Ghedir Al Jawad who has successfully opened his own fashion business in Lebanon.
Balls Deep / S1 EP3


Thomas joins a Muslim family in Michigan to fast for the holy month of Ramadan.
On The Line

David Enders on Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

VICE News producer and correspondent David Enders joined On The Line to take your questions about life for Syrian refugees in Lebanon, and the latest from Iraq and Syria.
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Arab Winter: Syrian Refugees in the Bekaa Valley

VICE News returns to a refugee camp in Lebanon where families continue to live in exile.
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Rooted: Climbing Lebanon

VICE Sports captures professional climber Sam Elias’ journey to Lebanon as he explores the climbing potential in the country while discovering his family roots.