Between Musk and Mars

SpaceX is taking over a tiny Texas village, but the holdouts are fighting back.
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Mars One Candidates Aren't Giving Up On Going To Mars

The privately funded-Mars mission is broke, but these aspiring Martians haven’t lost hope
Dear Future

Clues To Life on Mars May Live in the Mine-Dwelling Devil Worm

A mile under the Earth’s crust, inside the gold mines of South Africa, lie the deepest living animals on the planet: nematodes – or “Devil Worms” – the tiniest multicellular worms on Earth.
Nuts + Bolts


Tyler tries to figure out a way to float on earth by meeting with some geniuses.
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Tyler, the Creator Talks Gravity with Neil deGrasse Tyson

In this scene from NUTS + BOLTS, Tyler talks floating, gravity, and poop with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.
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Orbit at The Whitney

In February, The Whitney Museum of American Art presented Red In View (Orbit), a 10 day continuous performance art piece by artists MPA, Amapola Prada, and Elizabeth Marcus-Sonenberg.
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Catching Up with the Scientists Who Spent a Year Simulating Life on Mars

We talked with Sheyna Gifford about the year she spent in isolation and how she's adjusting to daily life back home on this episode of 'Daily VICE.'
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Creating Cutting-Edge Sci-Fi with Analog Effects | The Process

In form and execution, Approaching The Unknown solidifies our fascinations with Mars as the next great frontier for science and civilization.
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Simulating Mars Atop Earth's Largest Volcano

On top of the largest volcano on Earth, six scientists live in complete isolation to simulate life on Mars.
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Taxi to Mars

On this episode of Profiles by VICE, we meet Melissa, the unlikely transgender astronaut, to understand what motivates a person to relocate to another, unknown planet.

When Will Humans Live On Mars?

Motherboard investigates the future of space, its democratization and privatization.
Spaced Out

Deep Space Robot Gardeners

When you’re floating in space, the limited culinary options leave something to be desired. In fact, astronauts on long trips typically don’t eat enough.