Dark Side of the 90s / S3 EP1

Tyson: The Rise and Fall of Kid Dynamite

Tyson becomes a 90's pop culture sensation, feared for his seeming invincibility.
Dark Side of the 90s / Clip

Dark Side of the 90s - Season 3 Trailer

Dark Side of the 90's takes a deep dive into the decade's untold history, revealing secrets, and perspectives.
VICE Asia Pacific / web

Why This Former K-Pop Singer Left Fame Behind To Become a Monk

The K-Pop industry has a dark side, one that Lee Kyung-Mi – now Monk Bohyun – knows all too well. From performing pop songs on stage to singing Buddhist prayer songs on YouTube.
Dark Side Of The 2000s / S1 EP10

Siegfried & Roy: Magic and Mayhem

The truth behind the tiger attack on Roy Horn is shrouded in mystery.
Dark Side Of The 2000s / S1 EP9

Men's Magazines: The Maxim Effect

Men's magazines energize the industry but leave a toxic legacy in their wake.
Vice Special Report / S2 EP14

Sold Out: Ticketmaster and the Resale Racket

VICE News takes an inside look at the darker corners of concert tickets scalping.
Dark Side Of The 2000s / S1 EP8

Charlie Sheen: Addicted to Winning

Charlie Sheen self-destructs, wagering a public, hateful war against his producer.
Dark Side Of The 2000s / S1 EP7

The Bachelor: Every Rose Has Its Thorn

The show professing to be about love is a much different beast behind the scenes.
Dark Side Of The 2000s / S1 EP5

Shock Jocks Part 1: The Rise

Shock jocks duke it out on-air to determine who can be more outrageous.
Dark Side Of The 2000s / S1 EP6

Shock Jocks Part 2: The Fall

Stern thrives on satellite but is forced to engage with rivals Opie and Anthony.
Dark Side Of The 2000s / S1 EP4

TMZ: Paparazzi Gone Wild

TMZ doesn’t just change the celebrity-gossip machine — it becomes the machine.
Dark Side Of The 2000s / S1 EP3

Lindsay Lohan: Star, Interrupted

The rise of the ravenous 24-hour gossip cycle nearly eats Lindsay Lohan alive.