The Noisey Questionnaire of Life

Billie Eilish on Childish Gambino, Star Trek, and The Beatles - The Noisey Questionnaire of Life

Billie Eilish answers some of life’s most important questions in this episode of the Noisey Questionnaire of Life.
Self Portraits

Billie Eilish Talks Her Love for Anime While Drawing Her Self-Portrait

Billie Eilish breaks down her love for anime, Takashi Murakami, and snakes in this episode of Noisey Self Portraits.
Noisey Raps

Project Genius: The Story of 03 Greedo

We sit down with one of rap's most promising talents, 03 Greedo, who's meteoric rise was cut short due to drug trafficking charges.
People Vs.

Juicy J Responds to Your Comments on ‘Let Me See’: The People vs. Juicy J

Juicy Jobbs aka Juicy J reads your comments on the music video for his single 'Let Me See' ft. Lil Skies and Kevin Gates.
People Vs.

Flipp Dinero Responds to Your Comments on ‘Leave Me Alone’: The People vs. Flipp Dinero

Flipp Dinero reads your comments on the music video for his breakthrough single 'Leave Me Alone'.
Noisey Raps

We Gave Murda Beatz A Camera: Inside His Endless Summer Tour

Murda Beatz went from being a small town kid from Canada, to one of raps most prolific and sought after producers. This past summer we sent him out on tour with a camcorder and no rules to capture his new life at the center of the hip-hop game.
Noisey Shorties

Queen Naija vs. Cute Kids

Kids can be the harshest critics; we sat Queen Naija down with a Teen Queen and one of her biggest Fans, Renee, to hash out the some of her most critical questions. This is Cute Kids vs. Queen Naija.
Noisey Raps

New York's Most Shocking Rap Duo: City Morgue

We meet up with illusive rap duo City Morgue in Brooklyn to learn how they are redefining hardcore rap for a new generation.
Self Portraits

Blueface Talks Jewelry and Draws His Self-Portrait

Blueface sits down with Noisey to draw his self-portrait.
People Vs.

Charli XCX Responds to Your Comments on '1999': The People vs. Charli XCX

In this episode of People Vs. Charli XCX responds to comments from her music video for "1999".
VICE Product Review

We Reviewed Snoop Dogg's Vape

The slim, affordable pen's best quality is probably having “Snoop Dogg” written on its side.
The Noisey Questionnaire of Life

The Noisey Questionnaire of Life: Tove Lo

Tove Lo sits down to take the Noisey Questionnaire of Life.