Noisey Specials


Noisey Specials

Balming Tiger Excerpt from Noisey Night In

Balming Tiger on Noisey Night In livestream.
Noisey Specials

The Black Lips Live At Gold Diggers

In this Noisey Special, The Black Lips invited Noisey to their live show at Golddiggers in Los Angeles.
Noisey Specials

On the Road with PUP

PUP is known for being constantly on the road. This summer they will be playing to some of their biggest crowds ever. We joined them on the road as they began touring their third album, 'Morbid Stuff.'
Noisey Specials

Noisey Birmingham: The Unstoppable Rise of Birmingham Rap

After Hip Hop in the Holyland & Don't Call it Road Rap, UK music legend Mike Skinner returns to host his third Noisey documentary and this time the focus is on his beloved hometown and the unlikely rise and rise of the rap scene in Birmingham.
Noisey Specials

The One-Man Industrial Doom Metal Band

We meet Tristan Shone—the mechanical engineer behind Author & Punisher—to learn more about how he makes his unique music. 
Noisey Specials

Meet Lor Choc 

We head to Baltimore to meet the 19 year old rap prodigy and learn more about the inspirations behind her craft.
Noisey Specials

Liam Gallagher Vs. Cute Kids

Witness the breaking of the internet as Noisey invites a gang of cute kids to ask rock’n’roll icon Liam Gallagher any questions they want. They discuss everything from naughty brothers with small feet to whether humans can fly and whether Liam gets treats
Noisey Specials

Don't Call It Road Rap

Filmed around London over a year, we investigate the explosion of UK ‘gangster’ rap and follow some important MCs as they try to keep their lives on a positive track.
Noisey Specials

Bleu Blanc Satan: The Birth of Black Metal in France

This documentary retraces the birth of the black metal scene in France through unpublished archives and interviews of the main pioneers of this movement.
Noisey Specials

NOISEY Lebanon: Can Hip Hop Help Combat Religious Extremism?

From the same team who brought you Noisey Blackpool, here's Noisey Lebanon – a film exploring whether or not hip hop can help young people in the region resist the temptations of militant groups like ISIS.
Noisey Specials

Young Thug Surprises His Fans at His Pop-Up Store

Noisey went to meet the superfans in Camden Market who had waited for hours in the hope of buying merch and, just maybe, meeting the man himself.
Noisey Specials

Lil B, Believe in Earth: A Very Rare and Based Visual Experience

A look into the life of the Lil B the Based God.