Kentucky Ayahuasca

Elizabeth, Donavan & Emma

A woman wants to overcome the intense damage caused by her predator father.
Kentucky Ayahuasca / Clip

The Arena of Ayahuasca Introspection

Shamans Steve and Teri Hupp use a combination of mirrors, colored light therapy, and conversational hypnosis to help Emma breakthrough the trauma caused by her biological father.
Kentucky Ayahuasca

Lina, Joe & Garrett

A woman who was committed to a psych ward faces her mother's abandonment.
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Chakra Healing on Ayahuasca

Shaman Steve Hupp uses colored lights to help Lena balance her chakras as she seeks to heal from abuse and abandonment" or "Shaman Steve Hupp uses colored lights to symbolize the chakra healing process in Lena's ayahuasca journey.
Kentucky Ayahuasca

Dena, Nathan & Sheila

A son brings his guilt racked mother who seeks physical healing.
Kentucky Ayahuasca / Clip

Trying To Heal Physical Pain Through Ayahuasca

Sheila was hurt in a work-related accident in 2006. She's hoping Mother Aya will help her overcome both her physical and psychological pain.
The Scarlet Letter Reports

Daisy Coleman on Dealing with Sexual Assault

Daisy Coleman's brutal assault at age 14 brought attention to an epidemic of sexual abuse and rape culture in rural areas.
In Bloom

Should I Feel Guilty When I Blue Ball My Partner?

What is and isn’t sexual assault? How can I combat rape culture? Should my partner’s blue balls make me feel guilty? Answers in this episode of In Bloom.
The Therapist

Corey Taylor

Metal rocker Corey Taylor looks to heal from attempted suicide and childhood rape.
The Therapist

Freddie Gibbs

After being falsely incarcerated for rape, rapper Freddie Gibbs looks to heal.
Hate Thy Neighbor

Sweden’s Far Right Youth

Jamali meets the Nordic Youth who patrol the streets of Sweden.
Ovary Action

Maternity Leave: How America Is Failing Its Mothers

Broadly travels to the Pacific island and Sweden—where parents can take up to 480 days off—to compare their options for new mothers against our own.