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Broadly's Astroguide

What Mercury Retrograde Really Means | Broadly's Astroguide

Sara David presents this weekend's cosmic forecast, breaks down the birth chart of Tyler the Creator, and shares tips for dating a Pisces.
Party Legends / S2 EP9

Stoner Stories

Weed induced party stories from Desus, Matt Walsh, Soko, Rich Homie Quan & more.
Party Legends / Clip

That Time Lizzo Gave Someone the Hands at Karaoke

In this scene from PARTY LEGENDS, Lizzo relives a dramatic karaoke bar standoff.
Party Legends / S2 EP8

Instinct is Automatic

Big Boi, Nina Tarr, Kim Gordon, and Ghostface Killah tell animated stories.
Party Legends / Clip

Ghostface Killah's Yacht Horror

Ghostace Killah shares a boat party gone wrong on party legends
Party Legends / S2 EP7

No Shortage of Boobs at this Party

Natasha Lyonne, Desus Nice, Jimmy O'Yang and Mike Watt tell animated stories.
Party Legends / Clip

Natasha Lyonne’s Wild Stripper Stories

Natasha Lyonne relives her first encounters with strippers via animation on PARTY LEGENDS.
Party Legends / S2 EP6

That’s Plant Food

Sam Jay, Anna Seregina, Matt Walsh, John Wurster, Andy Dick tell animated stories.
Party Legends / Clip

That Time Andy Dick Ruined Christmas for Everyone

Andy Dick relives a wild story from Christmas Past.
Party Legends / S2 EP5

Greased Up Like a Chicken

Nancy Whang, David Gborie, Killer Mike, Fetty Wap, Kool Keith tell animated stories.
Party Legends / Clip

The Night LCD Soundsystem Played a Sex Club in Ibiza

LCD Soundsystem's Nancy Whang tells the story of a tour in which the group's instruments never made it to their destination.
Party Legends / S2 EP4

Beating Arsenio In the Chest Repeatedly

Mero, ATL Twins, Prince Markie Dee and Chili from TLC tell animated stories.